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Monday, 7 November 2022

Why do active children at home get lost in school? Parents should know the reason

 Why do active children at home get lost in school? Parents should know the reason

Why child does not talk at school: Many parents worry that their child talks a lot with people at home and elsewhere but becomes aloof, quiet and silent as soon as he enters the school environment. Teachers complain that the child neither responds to the words of his classmate nor the teacher. According to Regina Peng, deputy general manager of MindCamps Allied CareK, such things indicate a certain type of anxiety in children, which is due to the school environment or home environment. In such a situation, we tell you how children stop talking at school.

Pay attention to the child's environment

Monitor your child's social environment. Make sure he is not bullied at school. Also make sure that there is no problem between friends.

Sometimes there is tension between parents, home environment

Being full of stress also affects the child's mentality, which he cannot tolerate and becomes silent in school.

Study pressure

Many times children cannot bear the excessive pressure of studies and they start suffocating inside. In such a situation, they start to feel anxious about the reading or study environment.

some kind of accident

Often some kind of accident inside the class like urinating etc. Even such embarrassing incidents make children feel uncomfortable in class and prefer to be alone.

Physical problem

Another reason for sitting silently in class could be that they are struggling with a physical problem. In such a situation, you can consult a doctor on this subject.

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