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Monday, 7 November 2022

Dushman Ko Parsht Karane Ke Remedies: How To Defeat An Enemy Without Fighting, Learn - Here

 Dushman Ko Parsht Karane Ke Remedies: How To Defeat An Enemy Without Fighting, Learn - Here

Dushman Ko Parsht Karne Ke Remedy: Having an enemy can be painful for anyone. When you have that special someone in your life who knows how to push all your hot buttons in the right way, you're always looking for ways to fight back or get revenge. But the best way to defeat an enemy is to be the big guy, whom he can't reach.

Disagreeing with opinions does not mean enmity

Someone who is not your friend or who does not agree with you. Not necessarily the enemy. It's okay for people to disagree or dislike each other. It just becomes a problem. If they are really trying to harm you in some way.

Do not be angry with the enemy

You always look like a lover with confidence. Don't give the enemy a chance to think about you. The next time your enemy tries to push your buttons, take a few deep breaths, count backwards to 10, or do whatever it takes to help you find your peaceful place.

Ask him to go back

You probably grew up hearing that you should ignore threats. But looking the other way rarely works when someone is abusing you. Instead, it just gives them the idea that it's okay to act that way. Instead, confront them about their behavior and calmly tell them that you won't stand for it.

Talk with a wink

Whenever you get a chance to talk, talk to the enemy eye to eye. If he is trying to annoy you, he will not expect this kind of reaction from you.

Team up with some trusted collaborators

Dealing with an enemy alone can be really difficult. If you outrun your opponent, you are more likely to lose. Talk to a few other people you trust about what's going on, whether it's family members, friends, or people in your professional support network. If there are more people with you, it will definitely get into his mind that if you are outnumbered, he is more likely to fall behind.

document its storm

Don't let enemies get away with abusive behavior. If you can prove that your opponent is harassing, threatening or lying to you, use it against them. Next time they try to draw something, write it down. If they harass you over text or email, keep a copy or take a screenshot. Ask them to back you up. If possible, report their behavior to someone who can do something about it and show them the evidence.

Avoid getting confused when he is the attacker

Sometimes, you just have to sit and wait. Is your enemy posting nasty things about you online, being unprofessional, fighting, or constantly breaking the rules? Let him speak

Instead of humiliating the enemy, advance yourself

If you become a big guy, it kind of hits your enemies. Which means you've won. On the other hand, the true enemy will hate to see you happy and successful, which means living your best life is the best way to defeat them.

Look at the positive side of the situation

Sometimes an attitude adjustment is the best defense. Try to see your hatred from a new perspective. For example, is this someone you really want by your side. If not, try to find some satisfaction in knowing that they see you as an enemy and use your hatred to fuel their success.

First make sure if he is really your enemy

Be careful making any assumptions. Stop and ask yourself why you consider this person your enemy. Do you really know what is driving them to behave? If you're not sure, avoid guessing or trying to get into their head. He may not even realize how his behavior is affecting you.

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