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Friday, 21 October 2022

Why do we burn or bury after death, what happens after death? You will be surprised to know the fact of death

 Why do we burn or bury after death, what happens after death? You will be surprised to know the fact of death

what happens after death

Life and death are truths. Like birth, death is a bitter reality of the world, but do you know what happens to the body after death?

after death

Our brain remains conscious for 20 seconds after death. It takes about 20 seconds to complete its operation.

Why do people die?

There are many reasons why people die. Two to six hours after death the whole body becomes rigid. When the heart is not working, the skin color turns white and purple.

Death due to accident

According to estimates, around 1 lakh 53 thousand people die every day all over the world. Every year, 13 people die from vending machine falls.

You will be surprised to know the truth of death

Food is digested by eating enzymes in the stomach. These enzymes continue to eat the food particles in the body for three days after death and as soon as the food is finished, they start eating our body.

Know what is the truth of death

We are born with more than 270 bones but only 206 are left at the time of death. Brain cells can die within three minutes due to lack of oxygen.

Shocking facts about death

Many such cases have come up where the person was found to be alive even after being declared dead, erectile dysfunction in any man even after death.

Why do you burn after death?

A wax-like substance begins to ooze from the dead body of some people. It helps in preserving the remains of the body for years. The process of burial is about 350,000 years old. The gases and fluids released from the body inflate it like a balloon, which is why the body is cremated immediately after death and this is why the body floats on water.

How to stop breathing

After death, one's fingers and toes become dry and stiff. That's why just looking at them gives a little boost. After death, the human senses also go away, but the ears and the ability to hear go later.

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