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Friday, 21 October 2022

Follow these tricks while selling old phone and laptop, no data tension

 Follow these tricks while selling old phone and laptop, no data tension

Tips and Tricks: Using smart phones and laptops has become an important part of people's daily lifestyle. At the same time, many people are fond of using the latest phones and laptops. In such a situation, while getting a new phone and laptop, people often sell the old smart phone or laptop at a cheap price. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before selling old phones and laptops. After the Corona era, the craze for electronic gadgets like smart phones and laptops has increased from elders to children. In such situation, most of the people keep personal and professional data stored in their phones and laptops. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to take some precautions before selling smart phones and laptops.

Factory data reset

People's personal and professional lives are usually present in the phone through photos, videos and contact numbers. In such a case, before selling the old phone, go to settings and do a factory data reset of the phone. Due to which all your data will be deleted from the phone.

Clean the laptop

Do not forget to delete the data of the laptop before selling the old laptop. Many people usually use the delete button to delete data. However, with this help your data can be recovered again. So, to delete data, always press Shift + Delete button. Also, you can take help of many software available on the internet to delete permanent data.

Pay attention to the password,

People protect data by installing fingerprint and screen lock in old phones or laptops. However cracking fingerprints and passwords is not a difficult task in today's age. So, before selling the phone or laptop, secure all your social media accounts using artificial intelligence.

Data security

Many times people go OK on all kinds of notifications while using apps or internet in phones and laptops. But with this any third party can also see the personal data of your phone or laptop. So keep an anti-virus app in your phone. Due to which your system data will be completely safe.

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