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Friday, 21 October 2022

Despite being healthy, these 5 types of people should not consume gooseberry, harm may occur

 Despite being healthy, these 5 types of people should not consume gooseberry, harm may occur

Side Effects of Amla: Amla is one of the healthiest fruits of winter season and people in India consume gooseberry fruit very deliciously. Amla helps protect the body from seasonal diseases and infections in winter. At the same time, vitamin C found in amla improves the immune system as well as the health of organs like skin, hair and liver. Even in Ayurveda, amla fruit is said to be very beneficial for health and drinking amla powder, chyavanprash and amla juice is recommended during Ayurvedic treatment. But, if Amla is not consumed carefully, it can also harm the health. 

Do not eat amla without thinking, it can be harmful

According to experts, the rules of consumption of amla vary in certain situations such as a person suffering from a disease or physical condition (old age, pregnancy or periods). Likewise, some people should not consume this healthy fruit without expert advice. Read here about some of the conditions in which consumption of amla can cause harm.

People suffering from digestive problems

Amla should be consumed with caution by people with poor digestive system or frequent complaints of acidity, flatulence and sour belching. Amla is actually a sour fruit and is also high in vitamin C. This can increase the acidity problem and cause problems for people.

After surgery

It is advised not to consume gooseberry even after any type of surgery or operation. Because, gooseberry contains some elements that can stimulate blood secretion or bleeding process in the body. This can cause blood loss and increase the risk of serious conditions such as multiorgan dysfunction and hypoxemia due to reduced blood flow to the body.

Along with this, people with anemia, people with dry skin and problems related to urination or UTI are also advised not to consume gooseberry or use it with caution. So, if you want to drink gooseberry juice or eat amla, tell your doctor about your health condition and include amla in your diet as per his advice.

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