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Saturday, 10 September 2022

To remove skin pigmentation, make a toner of mogray flowers in this way

 To remove skin pigmentation, make a toner of mogray flowers in this way

To decorate the house with a good fragrance, a plant of Mogra flowers is planted in the house. The white flowers of Mogra have a very pleasant fragrance and are used in many skin care products for healthy skin. Nowadays, mogra flowers are also being used in skin tones and many perfumes. According to skin experts, due to increasing pollution and changing lifestyle, the skin can become pigmented and deteriorate. Due to all this, it is very important for everyone to follow a skin care routine for good healthy and glowing skin. Using mogra flowers for cheap and good skin care is a smart option. For healthy skin, you can make a skin tone of mogray flowers; let's know the method of making toner and its benefits.

Mogra flowers skin benefits:

Mogra flowers skin toner removes all the pigmentation and dirt from the skin.

Makes the skin clear and glowing by eliminating the dullness of the skin.

Mogra flowers have anti-aging properties which tighten the skin.

Mogra flower keeps away the problems of oily skin and helps in removing extra oil from the skin.

Tips for making skin toner with moray flowers: To

Make skin toner, you need

One cup cold water

, half a lemon juice,

Five fresh mogra flowers

Aloe Vera gel

One tablespoon rose water

Spray bottle


First of all, break the flowers of Mogra and wash them with clean water

- After washing the flowers of Mogra, leave them soaked in a cup of cold water for overnight

- Remove the soaked flowers from the water overnight and filter the water in a spray bottle and mix all the rest of the things like lemon juice, aloe Vera gel and rose water in Mogra water

– mix all the things together and shake the bottle well so that all the things can be mixed well.

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