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Wednesday, 7 September 2022

These things, including aloe vera, reduce the small grains of the skin, a new glow comes on the face

 These things, including aloe vera, reduce the small grains of the skin, a new glow comes on the face

Skin Care Tips: We all take great care of our skin. Everyone aspires to get the glow of healthy skin. But many times, despite the care, small white pimples appear on our skin, which affects the beauty of the face. This white rash on the skin is called milia. . These are mostly on the forehead, cheeks, nose and under the eyes. As they grow, they turn yellow. In today's fast-forward life, these rashes can be caused by sweating, fungal, bacterial and excessive sun exposure. In such a situation, try these best home remedies to reduce this skin problem.

Aloe vera can reduce the rash

Aloe vera can be used to reduce the problem of rash on the face. Aloe vera has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Apply aloe vera gel on your face every night before sleeping. By doing this you can get rid of the pimples on the face.

Pomegranate does the best care of the skin

You can use pomegranate peel to get rid of milia. Because it contains antioxidants. Roast the pomegranate peel on the pan till it turns brown and then grind it to make a powder. Mix this powder with lemon or rose water and apply it on the face in the form of a paste and wash the face after drying. This will give you a lot of relief. This will also improve the face and will also get rid of white grains.

use sandalwood

Sandalwood and sandalwood oil can also be extremely beneficial for reducing facial pimples. Along with giving oxygen to the cells of your face, it also gets rid of white grains. Apply sandalwood paste on the face, let it dry and when it dries, wash it off with water. By doing this, these pimples on your skin will gradually disappear.

honey is very beneficial

Honey is not only effective in keeping the skin soft and young, but it is also very effective in removing pimples from the face. It contains natural salt which can rid your skin of excess oil. Apply honey on your face regularly to open the pores. Applying honey and oats scrub on the face also reduces them gradually.

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