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Wednesday, 21 September 2022

There will be no need to keep Bank Locker jewelry, learn how to keep expensive jewelery safe at home

 There will be no need to keep Bank Locker jewelry, learn how to keep expensive jewelery safe at home

Bank Locker: Keeping precious gold-diamond jewelery safe at home is very difficult. There is always a fear that the jewelry kept in the house is safe or not. Keeping jewelry in a bank locker is not easy for everyone. Keeping jewelery at home is still a practice in sub-urban areas. Keeping jewelery in the house makes the chances of theft very high. What to do to keep jewelry at home that will keep your jewelry safe. So let's know how you can keep your jewelry safe without having a locker at home.

Take a jewelery insurance cover so that you do not have to worry about financial loss in case of jewelery theft, missing from the house. Insurance companies offer two types of policies to protect the jewellery. One is a standalone jewelery policy and the other is a home insurance policy. Home insurance policies have their limitations. If the jewelery is stolen after taking insurance cover under a home insurance policy, then the full value of the jewelery is not realized. It is rider only. A standalone jewelery insurance policy should be taken for complete protection of the jewellery. This policy provides complete insurance cover for the jewellery.  

Information before taking policy

Before taking a jewelery insurance policy, get the market valuation of the jewelry. You will get it from any nearby authorized jewelery shop. Failure to do so may result in undervaluation of your jewelery by the insurance company while making an insurance claim and you may incur a loss.

insurance premium

The decoration for jewelery insurance is not veritably precious. Insurance companies charge a decoration of Rs,000 on the sum assured of Rs 1 lakh for jewelery insurance. That is, if you've got jewelery worth Rs 10 lakh also you'll have to pay a decoration of Rs,000 annually. However, you are taking cover of other particulars at the same time, also the insurance establishment also gives a reduction in the decoration, If.

take care of these things

Before taking a policy for jewellery, read its refund rules thoroughly. What is the refund policy of the insurance company? In case of missing jewellery, get information about the procedure you will have to follow to take the claim. Only then decide to take the policy. The jewelery policy always covers damages caused by fire and natural calamities.

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