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Friday, 16 September 2022

Pandemic Impact: Complaints of 'myopia' increased in children, vitamin D level also decreased, know what is the reason?

 Pandemic Impact: Complaints of 'myopia' increased in children, vitamin D level also decreased, know what is the reason?

Corona and myopia, what is myopia: The corona epidemic has affected the whole world. The Kovid 19 virus has made a big impact in the lives of everyone from children to the elderly. Corona infection has stopped now than before, but still the danger is not completely averted. Research is still going on around the world regarding the corona virus. Meanwhile, a research has revealed that the epidemic has also affected the health of children badly. Due to the epidemic, the complaint of myopia in children has increased significantly.

Times of Indian a study conducted by Shankar Eye Hospital, it has been found that the number of children suffering from myopia has increased in the last two years. According to experts, the lack of vitamin D can be a big reason behind this.

What is Myopia?

Let us tell you that myopia is a disease of the eyes. In recent times, this disease has increased rapidly among children. When suffering from myopia, there is a lot of difficulty in seeing distant things. This disease is called myopia in common parlance. As the disease progresses, the risk of blindness also increases. In myopia, the size of the pupil increases, due to which the reflection of any object becomes slightly different instead of the retina, due to which things start appearing blurry.

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A study conducted by Shankar Eye Hospital between January and July 2022 found low levels of vitamin D3 in children between the ages of 8 and 14. Children who had early stages of myopia were advised to use vitamin D3.

Experts say that more cases in adults than children,

Myopia is a common disease found in school going children. In India, about 5.3 percent of children are suffering from myopia while about 35.6 percent of adults were found to be suffering from myopia. Myopia is an early and common cause of loss of vision in any person or child and it progresses over many years.

Myopia can cause a lot of damage to our eyes, so it is important that we recognize its early symptoms so that it can stop its progression in childhood. Regarding the study, Dr. Soumya R, Consultant of the Hospital's Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, said that we have tried to find out what is the relationship between the increasing deficiency of vitamin D in children and the prevalence of myopia in children.

Staying locked in homes is also a big reason

He said that sunlight is considered a good source of vitamin D. But in the last 2 to 2.5 years, people remained locked in their homes instead of going out, due to which the life of people especially children has been affected badly. Children could not get sunlight due to being closed in four walls; this can also be a reason for vitamin D deficiency. Dr. Soumya said that now that children are coming for follow-up, along with increasing cases of myopia, vitamin D deficiency is also clearly visible in children.

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