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Monday, 5 September 2022

Get the fragrance from these essential oils when the perfume is over, know how to use them

 Get the fragrance from these essential oils when the perfume is over, know how to use them

The use of essential oil is very beneficial for the skin and hair. That's why most people like to use their favorite essential oil in hair care and skin care. But did you know that you can also smell yourself with essential oil? Yes, using essential oil can also be best for making you smell when the perfume is over. By the way, perfume works as a black vaccine in your styling. After spraying your favorite perfume along with wearing the best attire, you become confident about your look. However, sometimes the perfume present in the house runs out and you do not even have time to go to the market to buy perfume. In such a situation, if you want, you can prepare homemade natural perfume with essential oil in minutes.

Make perfume with lavender oil

With the help of lavender oil, you can make your whole day fragrant. At the same time, the anti-inflammatory elements present in it are also very beneficial for the skin. For this, after bathing every day, spray lavender essential oil on the underarms and neck. The natural fragrance of lavender oil is helpful in relieving anxiety and stress.

Make perfume with neroli oil

By the way, many perfumes with the scent of neroli oil are easily available in the market. But for the natural fragrance of neroli, you can use neroli essential oil. For this, fill neroli essential oil in a spray bottle and spray it on the body after daily bathing.

Try Rose Oil Perfume

For people who are fond of the scent of roses, a natural perfume made from rose oil can be the best. By applying it, the body smell disappears immediately. Along with this, the fragrance of rose flowers is also helpful in keeping your mood cool. For this, after bathing, dip cotton in rose oil and apply it on the body.

Use sandalwood essential oil

If the scent of sandalwood is your favourite, then applying a natural perfume made from sandalwood essential oil can be a good option for you. It is better to apply sandalwood perfume especially for meditation and relaxing mood. However, spraying sandalwood oil directly on the skin can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, apply sandalwood oil on clothes like perfume.

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