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Saturday, 3 September 2022

Get angry on talk? Follow these tips to get rid of it

 Get angry on talk? Follow these tips to get rid of it

Do you get angry and speak ill of anyone? Have you hurt your loved ones by saying anything in anger? Or have you spoiled your works because of anger? If you are one of those whose anger has put brakes on everything in life, then follow the tips given below. These tips will help you to control your anger and stop the habit of getting angry again and again.

1. Whenever you start getting angry, start counting down to 10 before speaking anything with your mouth.

2. Instead of reacting wrongly in anger, start exercising. Start walking or run up and down the stairs. You exercise daily to control it. such as swimming or walking

3. Take long breaths to control anger immediately. Check out some nice scenery or photos. Listen to the song Do yoga or start reading something good.

4. Never control your emotion. That is why instead of reacting wrongly in anger, talk to someone who understands you.

5. Practice paying attention to what you are saying before you speak. With this, you will gradually give up the habit of reacting quickly in anger.

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