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Monday, 26 September 2022

Cardamom is the panacea for these 5 problems of children, learn how to use and benefits

 Cardamom is the panacea for these 5 problems of children, learn how to use and benefits

Cardamom is a panacea for these 5 problems of children - How To Use Cardamom For Kids

Cardamom is not just a mouth freshener but, it contains Vitamin A, it is antibacterial and also anti-acid. But there are some special benefits of consuming cardamom for children. Actually, you can feed the children by grinding cardamom and mixing it with honey. This removes the lack of appetite and problems related to the digestive system. Apart from this, you can also give them cardamom milk to sharpen the eyesight. Apart from this, cardamom has many benefits for children. How, you know.

1. Constipation Problem- Cardamom For Constipation In Kids

Constipation is more likely in a baby because his body is still developing. In such a situation, there may be some foods that do not suit them and can cause constipation. Cardamom contains high amounts of digestive enzymes which can help your baby to digest the food properly thereby helping your baby to have regular bowel movements.  

2. Cardamom For Loss Of Appetite In Children

The digestive enzymes present in cardamom help in promoting digestion which in turn helps in improving the metabolism of your baby. In such a situation, to increase the appetite of children, you can give them by grinding cardamom and mixing it with honey. Also, you can feed them by mixing it with curd and other things.

3. Cardamom For Gas And Vomiting In Kids

Gas and vomiting are common problems in children. In this case, you can use cardamom as a home remedy. Actually, it acts like an antacid, it works effectively in gas and vomiting. It firstly stops vomiting and gives relief from nausea. Along with this, it reduces digestive gas and children get relief. 

4. Rich in Vitamin A- Cardamom For Vitamin A

Cardamom, rich in vitamin A, is very beneficial for children. Actually, if you mix cardamom with milk and give this milk to children, then their eyesight can increase. Along with this, they also increase the energy of the body. Along with this, the strength of the children also increases. So, grind cardamom and then boil it in milk. Then drink this milk.

.5 Cold And Flu In Kids

Cardamom is very effective in the problem of cold and flu. Grind it and cook it in desi ghee and then feed it to your children. First, it will increase the immunity of children and then its anti-bacterial property will protect you from cold and cold. This method is very effective in children. So, cardamom is the panacea for all these problems in children.

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