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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Do not be fond of drinking cold water in summer, it is heavy on health, these are the side effects of drinking chilled water

 Do not be fond of drinking cold water in summer, it is heavy on health, these are the side effects of drinking chilled water

Side Effects of Drinking Cold Water: If you get a glass of cold fridge water to drink as soon as you come home from the scorching sun, then the soul gets satisfied with the coolness of the body and mind. If your condition is similar and you are also fond of drinking cold water, then change your habit immediately. It may be surprising to hear but do you know that this hobby of yours can make you sick. Let's know how.

7 big disadvantages of drinking cold water-

Constipation problem

If you already have a complaint of constipation, then do not forget to drink cold water. Drinking cold water can make your problem worse. Actually, when you drink cold water, the food becomes hard as it passes through the body and the intestines also contract, which is one of the major causes of constipation. Try not to drink too much cold or too hot water.

Headache problem

Drinking too much cold water or ice water can cause brain freeze. Cold water also affects the cranial nerve present on the head, which causes severe pain in the head. Usually, when there is a severe headache in the summer season, people think that the pain must be a headache due to strong sunlight, but the real reason for the pain is to come directly from the hot sun and drink cold water. For people who have sinus problems, the problem may increase further.

Difficulty digesting food

Drinking too much cold water affects the digestive system. Due to which the person may have problems in digestion, due to which problems like constipation, stomach pain, nausea, flatulence can also occur.

Difficulty in weight loss

Cold water makes the body fat hard, which makes it difficult to burn fat. Try to drink at least cold water and drink as much hot water as possible. Hot water can easily remove the fat present in your body.

Energy level down

By drinking cold water, metabolism slows down in the body and the body does not have the ability to do much work. Actually, cold water is not able to release fat from the body, due to which the body remains sluggish and the energy level goes down.

Throat infection

Drinking cold water can also make your voice worse. Cold water can cause throat infection as well as cause phlegm. Phlegm can also cause fever and cough. For this reason, it would be better if normal water is drunk instead of cold water.

Heart rate is low

Cold water lowers your heart rate because it affects a vein in the back of the neck which slows down the heart rate. The vagus nerve is directly affected by the low temperature of the water, causing the heart rate to eventually slow down. It is not good for the heart, as it can lead to many other heart-related problems.

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