Life happens, oil helps!

When nothing works, hair oil comes to the rescue. Let’s admit it! Caring for your mane is a bigger task than even recalling the pink lipsticks you own (while adding more pink lipsticks to your shopping cart). And that is TOUGH!

From environmental factors such as heat and pollution to lifestyle habits like brushing vigorously and over-washing, our hair goes through a lot of trauma on a daily basis. However, one thing that actually works is… yes, you guessed it right. Oiling! Oiling your hair regularly can boost your hair health and how! It nourishes and strengthens like no other treatment. However, if you’ve been a regular at treating your hair to essential oils, then here’s everything you need to know so as to avoid hair damage of any sort.

Dos and donts of oiling

Avoid digging your hair right after applying oil painting

Did you know your hair is fragile and your crown is relaxed after slicking? It is, thus, stylish to avoid digging through your cinches incontinently after applying oil painting as it could lead to hair loss and breakage. If you do want to get rid of knots, also start from the tips and slowly work your way to the top. This way, you’ll not only detangle your hair, but also be able to spread the oil evenly on your strands and scalp.

Dos and donts of oiling

Do not let the oil painting sit for hours at end

Regular oiling is great and each , but letting it sit in your hair for too long has its own strike. When you keep the oil painting in your hair for further than six to eight hours, it tends to collect dirt and mixes with your crown natural oil painting While you want healthy hair, you do not want to have to deal with redundant smut that sticks to unctuous hair, do you?

Dos and donts of oiling

With oiling, lower is more!

Once you’ve taken a generous quantum of oil painting to apply on your hair, don’t go for farther. rather, spread what you formerly have unevenly so as to cover every beachfront. farther oil painting means using farther soap, and this in turn can strip your hair of its natural canvases and humidity, leaving you with dull, damaged and dry cinches.

Dos and donts of oiling

Do not tie your hair up in a tight bun or braid

Tight hairstyles are a strict no-no especially after you’ve waxed your hair. When your hair is waxed , it is in a vulnerable state. Tying it up in a tight bun or ponytail can add pressure and lead to breakage, and at times, also beget split ends. You don’t want to deal with any future hair strait now, do you? So, to avoid damage, tie your hair in a loose plat or bun, but nothing too constricting.

Dos and donts of oiling

Keep other hair products at bay

If you are using a hair oil, then stick to it and avoid layering it with any other hair product, until you wash your hair. Most other chemical-infused hair products tend to ruin the texture and quality of your strands, thereby making it rough, dry and lackluster