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Saturday, 12 March 2022

what are the best credit cards for students in india

   what are ICICI Bank Student Travel Card is a blessing in disguise for you if you wish  study in abroad. You can use this credit card to pay your application and university fees either online  through a physical swipe.  The card is very convenient to use since it allows you to manage  living expenses and is accepted at all outlets that take a MasterCard. You can withdraw cash from over 1.5 million MasterCard  through this card.

  • You are entitled to an International Student Identity Card free membership which will  you access to different discount benefits along with exciting destination offer. The tempting merchant offers and discount will be available in 131 countries including India.You are also bound to get benefit from a travel insurance, advantageous rates, and other alliance offer from the bank.

  • Features of  Bank Student Travel Card
  •  the best  credit cards for students in india

    SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

    • This credit card  been designed solely  customer who have availed State Bank of India’s education loan. To avail this credit card you need   fixed deposit in any branch of . The credit card offers you many privilege like zero annual renewal fee which is bound  appeal you. No annual fee is charged  you make total purchases of more than Rs. 38,000 in the previous year.  not only earn one reward point  every Rs. 150  spend but you can  same reward point to pay off your outstanding balance.
    •  are also entitled to a 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver across  the petrol pump in India you buy petrol worth Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000.  from this, you can book railway ticket which will be delivered  your doorstep, pay all your utility bill online and enjoy  Reward Point (RP) on the International spend.
    • You can use Student  Advantage Card in both India and abroad in more  24 million outlet. You get the provision to transfer the remaining balance  another credit card to your credit card and then get rate and pay off the dues in . This will ensure that  save some money when  pay credit card dues. 

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    Features of SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

    • 5% Value Back on Departmental and Grocery spends
    • Accelerated Rewards
    • Ready Cash
    • Worldwide Acceptance
    • Add-on Cards
    • Online Booking of Railway Tickets
    • Utility Bill Payment Facility
    • Balance Transfer on EMI
    • Flexipay
    • Easy Money

    ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

  • Convenient and safe to use
  • Attractive merchant discount & offer in India and 130 countries and 1,20,000 merchant location
  • Preferential Forex
  • Highly rewarding
  • Alliance offers from 
  • Allows online account management feature such  Monthly e-statement

  • Membership of International Student Identity
  • Destination offer from  membership
  • Easy replacement Primary Card
  • Comprehensive  Insurance
  •  Card

  •  Card is tailor made for any student who studies abroad and need finance in different currencies. This card work just like  credit card, the transaction amount will be debited from the Card balance directly.
  • The card  available  ten currencies which are accepted all over the world and thus you can change them into the currency the nation you are currently . It has acceptability in  merchant outlets which are affiliated to Visa .  When you carry out  transaction in the card currency you won’t suffer due  swinging market rates.
  • In case you’re not   bank customer you need not worry. You still can avail this card, all you need to do is visit your nearest  branch with required documents.

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  • HDFC Multicurrency Platinum  Chip Card
  • This card is simply perfect for students who have multi- destination need and want to carry 23 currencies on one single card. Yes, you  right. You can keep 23 foreign currencies   Platinum Chip Card, thereby saving your money and time. This provides you complete protection against any kind  foreign exchange  fluctuation in the near future. You also receive  insurance cover of Rs. 5  for any kind of misuse card, accident  fraud.
  • Eligibility Criteria for Credit Cards for Students
  • Well the minimum age required to get these student credit cards  18 years.  student should  this basic eligibility criteria to own these credit cards.

  • Documentation Required

  • PAN card (required by few companies)

  • Birth certificate

  • Residential address 

  • Identity card  college (undergraduate or postgraduate)

  • College enrolment proof

  • 2 passport sized  photographs 

  • Best Credit Cards for Student with No/Bad Credit History
  • These day, many credit  companies have started offering the best credit cards for student also. Yes, now student can also avail the credit card  following an easy and simple procedure. In fact, those who are having bad  credit history can also avail these card with  help of issuer. Yes, there are many credit card provider available in the market that allow you to avail the card even if you  having low bad credit history. In fact, they work  such types of applicant only, and ensure that they can avail  card instead of all the odds. So, if you are a student who is having no bad credit history, nothing to worry, you can avail  credit card of different bank with the help of these providers.

  • So I hope the next time someone asks  are the best credit cards for student in India, you will have the answer on your . And yes if you wish to avail the services  a credit card, talk to your parent and choose the one which suits you the best.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can I Apply for  Student Credit Card with Credit?

  • Yes, you can apply for the Student Credit Card with credit cards are issued against a fixed deposit you have with  bank. Therefore, you will not need a credit score  apply  credit cards for students.

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  • 2. Can college students apply   credit card?

  • Yes, college student can apply for  credit card. But they should have  fixed deposit with the bank in their name. The college student can also apply for  credit card if they plan to study abroad and enjoy various benefit.

  • 3. What is the minimum age  apply the Student Credit Card?

  • The minimum age to apply for  student credit card is 18 year. You can get an add-on card if you are below 18 year but for the credit card for student, you will need  minimum age of 18 year.

  • 4. What is the minimum income needed  apply for Credit Cards for student ?

  • You will not need any income to apply for  credit card for student. These credit cards are issued against fixed deposit so you will not need any income  applyr them.

  • 5. How to Apply  Student Credit Card?

  • You can either contact the respective bank whose credit card you  willing to apply or you can apply  it on this page. You can click on the Apply link and provide your basic detail.  representative will call you and discuss  various options available for student credit card.

  • 6. What are the document needed for  credit card for students?

  • You will have to submit  following document to apply for the student credit card:-

  • PAN Card

  • Birth Certificate

  • College  Proof

  • Residential Address Proof

  • College Identity Card

  • Passport Size Photographs

  • 7. Can I use  Student Credit  abroad?

  • Yes, you can use the Student are some banking institutions that issue credit cards for students for  and studying abroad. You can apply  those credit cards and  them abroad.

  • 8. How can  make a Student Credit  Login?

  • You can make the Student Credit Card Login  visiting  respective official website  the issuer. You will have to provide your credential and make  successful login   Student Credit Card Account.

  • 9. How to check  Student Credit Card Status?

  • You can check the status  Student Credit card  making a login to the respective official website of the issuer. On the other hand, you can also check  student credit card status  Application Number you submitted for the card.

  • 10. Can a Student apply  multiple credit card?

  • No, a student cannot apply  multiple credit card. cards are given against fixed deposits so you will only get one credit card 

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