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Friday, 11 March 2022

the 10 best online legal services of 2022


 the 10 best online legal services of 2022

1. ZenBusiness.

Best Choice for Fast Business Formation Processing and Small Business Support.

zenbusiness online legal service for small businesses

 almost 4,000+ review and an excellent rating on , ZenBusiness simplifies and speeds up the entire process of registering and forming a business entity at a low cost. 

zenbusiness pricing

Turnaround times for filing may


Comprehensive business filing and formation services.

Ongoing LLC support maintenancekeep your business in good standing with the state.

Simplified and easy  follow filing process.


 not be fixed.

Get started  Zen Business today. 


2. Rocket Lawyer.

Best Legal App  Legal Document Creation Review.

 best legal app

In terms of accessibility, it almost doesn't better Rocket Lawyer.  online legal service was founded to make legal-related paperwork and document  easy  anyone to do. They also  easy to find an attorney fast. 

Whether you are an individual business, Rocket Lawyer will connect  with a lawyer in minutes. The best part is you get access to legal expertise for a fixed low if your legal needs are regular, you pay a monthly recurring cost. 




On-call Attorney service in all legal 

Online consultations with  lawyer available.

Custom legal document builder  document encryption.

Responsive customer service.

30-day money-back guarantee.

Mobile  available.


Membership fee  on the high side compared to other.

A la  services can quickly add.

Try out Rocket Lawyer   10 days here. 


Best Online Legal Service For Business Formation,  and Compliance. 

 online legal service for business formation

If you’re confused about which entity your business need to take, but are not looking to pay a lot in legal fee, Incfile is your answer. establishing your as a legal entity.

founded in 2004 and has since served  350,000 businesses, helping get their businesses formed and providing tax support. It has got great review with an A+ rating with almost 7-star on the Better Business Bureau.



Responsive customer care.

No added fees apart from state  fee basic plan.

Free registered agent service for year.

Business tax consultation  filing service available.


No custom legal form.

No direct access to attorney/legal counsel.

If you’re looking  register your business entity and get set up with zero hassle, sign up for service now. 

  4 .

Best Online Legal Forum and Directory for Legal Advice and Finding Attorney.

 online legal forum and directory

Sometime all you need  legal advice from a professional nothing more.  Avvo is your perfect solution. Founded in 2008 by an attorney, has grown to become one of the largest online directories for lawyers and direct-to-lawyer Q&As.

The site  active forum where you can quick post any legal question and get it answered within hour by any of the lawyer on the platform.  , million of questions and answer have been posted in their forum. 


Free question and answer f

Free directory of reviewed attorney

Free access to legal form 


No added legal services

Ask a free question on today. 


Best Marketplace  Finding Qualified and Affordable Attorney.

 best legal marketplace for finding attorneys

For those looking  lawyer qualified to handle their unique case on their budget, UpCounsel does just that. It is a legal marketplace where  can find the right kind of attorney to handle your case interviewing the attorney to make sure they are good fit. 

Designed to work much like how freelance marketplaces work,  lets you post your job/ request online and wait for proposals from qualified attorneys who think they can handle your case. 


Free to post a job

Free consultations before hiring

Possible to find attorney in the same city/ location as you 


Long response time for attorneys

Only support via email 

Find your next attorney on UpCounsel today!

6. LegalZoom.

Best All-Round Option for Affordable Personal and Business Legal Needs.

legalzoom online legal service for individuals and businesses

With  impressive track record of 500,00+ lawyer-client consultations and 4 million+ customers,  is your one-stop-shop for all your personal and small business legal needs. 



60-day money-back guarantee.

Comprehensive legal plan  both businesses and individual.

Tax professional included in business plan for no extra fee.



Unresponsive customer service.

Business formation/registration fees could  cheaper.

Get started with today!

7. i

Best Online 100% Free  Setup Service Software.

 will do Business Name Check within your state the free  Corporation.

You are guaranteed never to miss  legal notice, as will be your Registered Agent for a year.

A digital copy of your start-up document  be easily accessible in the online client portal, delivered, and stored for you.

Preparation and Filing feature  you  prepare entity formation documents and submit them to the state.


Best Platform For Finding -Vetted and Highly Reviewed Local Attorneys.

 legal platform to find local attorneys

Like some of its competitor allows you  find lawyer with the expertise either by  by state to help you solve your legal matters. It has been around since 1992  has connected over 5 million customers to lawyers. 


Free matching service.

Reduce time spent  finding qualified legal help.

Provide attorneys across many and experience .

Satisfaction guarantee through in-house  resolution and arbitration payout.


Limited scope  legal services.

Attorney who initially respond may be unresponsive after  while.

Join  for FREE and find the right attorney  you!


Best Self-Help, Legal Information  Legal Material Directory.

 best legal self-help directory

As one of the earliest online legal service provider, a million visitors to its website monthly and has become the go-to choice for trusted legal information and materials. 

 best seller

Apart from providing free legal content also  you get in touch with a local lawyer using their platform, which is useful if you need legal counsel concerning complex matter. 


Best Subscription Service for  Legal Document Creation.


7-day free trial.

User-friendly and easy to navigate.

Vast library covering almost every legal matter.


No attorney services or consultations available.

Pricing plan expensive for just legal document creation.

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