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Saturday, 12 March 2022

how to claim motor accident insurence without lawyer in india

    how to claim motor accident insurence without lawyer in india  


How to Claim Car Insurance After Accident  India?

The traffic density  India can be very high due to the sheer number of vehicle. While you may drive safely and ensure you follow traffic rule,  unavoidable mishap. The process  raise a claim for car insurance after an accident has evolved over the year. Technology and  various transaction have made it easier to follow certain procedure. Read on to learn what steps you need to take after accident India.



Procedure For Making  Car Insurance Claim  Meeting  Accident:

Claiming car insurance after accident requires understanding of the procedure registering the claim with your insurance company. Below is a step-by-step guide  making insurance claim:



1. Inform  Insurance Company:

Make a call   insurance company to inform them about the accident and give detailed information about damages to your car. Ensure do not withhold any information from your insurer as it may be counterproductive while settling claim.

2. File an FIR with Police:

Inform the police about the accident immediately and  a First Information Report  if required. FIR is required in case of theft, road accident  may not require an if it is for minor dents and you will require it when a third party is involved the accident.

3. Take Pictures:

Make sure you take enough picture  damage and the place of the accident. Ensure the photograph are clear and damages are visible so that the insurance company  be able to examine the extent of physical damage and settle the claim accordingly.

4. Submit Required Documents to Insurer:

To process the claim, the insurance company require documents such as a copy of the insurance policy, FIR, the owner-driver’s Driving Licence, a copy of the Registration Certificate  car, etc.e you submit these document and work with your insurer  a hassle-free experience.

5. Get Your Car Repaired:

You can take your car to the garage get  repaired can ask your insurance company  fixed. If the insurer approves your claim, you will either  reimbursed  compensated for the loss accordingly.

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6. In The Case of Theft:

In case your car  stolen,  of informing your insurance company and file an FIR at the local police station. Submit document such as  , your , FIR, etc. to the insurance company. If the police are not able to trace the car within a reasonable time frame, will issue  non-traceable certificate. The insurer will then settle the claim and pay  current market value  your car.

Document Required  Make Insurance Claim:

One of the most important aspects while raising  claim your car insurance is submit the required document. Below is the list of document required while raising a car insurance :

Copy of your insurance policy.

The First Information Report (FIR)   police.

Copy of  driver’s driving.

Duly filled and signed claim .

Original repair bill, cash receipt, 

Copy your car’s Registration Certificate .

Medical receipt in case physical i.

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Additional Document in Case  Reimbursement Claim:

In case you would like your  repaired with your money and then want to raise a claim to get a reimbursement, you will have to provide additional document  the insurance company. Below are the document in case of reimbursement claim:

Original repair bills  cash .

All other document listed above .

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