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Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Edutor App Quiz Collection | Edutor App Quiz Link

Editor App Quiz Collection | Editor App Quiz Link
Edutor App - Open platform for Teaching & Learning: The mission at the heart of the Editor App is to connect the academic community across the globe and empower them to the strive for the better education outcomes.It's an open platform solely for the education that connects teachers and students across the globe and provides all required tools for teaching and learning.

 Join as the  teacher and create and upload contents of any subject, board, and language you prefer. Your followers can learn from you by accessing all of your content you created in the form of live classes or conferences, video lectures, tests, mock exams, and materials.
• Join as a student and follow teachers you find most suitable for you to learn from and then access their entire teaching. Just as simple as that !!

Quiz Maker is the  Mobile Application that allows you to the play, create and share quizzes in the  simple and intuitive way.The questionnaires created using QuizMaker app are in the form of the interactive tests quizzes that may contain pictures and sounds with automatic scoring.
Thus, you can create your own quiz, play it and share it for self-evaluation or even for entertainment gaming purpose.
Live Class and Conference - Enjoy a free live class of up to 45 minutes. Teachers will have the option of the allowing them to join either by the followers or Favorited students.
• Video Lectures - Just paste a link to your YouTube video here, this is how your video lecture is uploaded on Editor App.
• Test - Want to test a student's understanding of a particular topic? Just upload questions here by clicking photos, typing the questions, or by directly taking questions from the Qs library. No marking for the tests! Ohs, then it's amazing Na !!
• Exam - Want to upload an exam? Set a format for it then uploading questions is the same and as simple as test uploading.

The Quiz Maker application offers the possibilities to:
-Make your own quiz by creating:
• multiple choice questions
• single answer questions
• open-ended questions
-Share your creations easily as a (*.q cm file)
-Receive, and play quizzes shared or received from your contacts the  simple portable and shareable file with extension *.q cm.

>What is a *.q cm file?
•Q cm file is file format that aims to supports interactive quizzes including pictures & sounds with automatic scoring.
•A *.q cm file is a compressed file that contains a set of questions, proposals, and answers.
•The structure of the files * .q cm makes it possible to embark among others multimedia contents such as images and sounds.
•Each * .qcm file is structured so that it is interpreted automatically by the any compatible application.

Edutor App Quiz Collection | Editor App Quiz Link
• Mock Exam - Want to arrange competitive exams like JEE or NEET? There are given fixed formats for those, so just select the exam and schedule it. How to upload questions ? that you know pretty well from now on !!
• Material - Upload materials in the format of PDF or JPG.
• Create Playlist - You can create a Playlist for the video lectures, Testates for the tests, Exams list for the exams, and a List for the materials.
• Questions Library - Want to make tests or exams quickly? just take Qs of that topic from the Question Library.

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