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Monday, 21 February 2022

GSEB ssc Hsc Duplicate marksheet online at /

GSEB ssc Hsc Duplicate mark sheet online at /

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar conducts public vetting of the Standard-10 and Standard-12. In which the records of the result from the standard 10 to year 1952 to year 2019 and standard 12 to year 1976 to year 2019 are finance. On the basis of this record from the Student Service Center in the office of the Board, the student was given a reduplicate marks sheet proof of the class-10/12, migration to the pass-1/9 pass student, for which the student had to come to the board office with the co-operation of the school principal. During the year many students from the different districts of the Gujarat used to come to Gandhian to get the above certificates in the which their time and money was spent by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, till now. The record digitization of the results of tens of millions of students has been digitized. The online process has been begin in the diploma of the honorable Education, Ta Minister buttress Singh Chumash .17 / 02/2020.

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From now on, students do not have to come to Gandhinagar to get duplicate mark sheet certification, migration and certificate of equivalence, thus saving their time and money. To get the above certificates, students have to apply on the student Jon line Student Services on the website, where the duplicate mark sheet certification fee is Rs. 50,, Migration fee is 100 / - Rs. And the equivalent certificate fee will be Rs.200 Speed-Post Charge of Rs. 5 / - Rs. So that the student can get a home-based certificate.

How to Apply Online for the SSC HSC Duplicate mark sheet::

First open https://www. gsebe service. com/ Site in your mobile or Computer.
then find out Students Tab in menu section
Then Find out Students Online service Tab in it.
If you want to Get SSC Duplicate mark sheet Then find out "10th duplicate Marksheet/certificate" in it.
If you want to Get HSC Duplicate mark sheet Then find out "10th duplicate Marksheet/certificate" in it.
Click on Register Tab.
Then Fill your basic detail and Register on it.
Then Login with the your Mobile no. and password and Apply For the SSC Or HSC Duplicate