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Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Competition - Folklore, Art, Picture Planning as well as Bhatra Tar and Jita Thanar

Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat Aheval

The "One India, Best India" program is the life rotate out across the country Cultural, literary, part 2, c of different states of the country in children

People come to know and understand about the different things like social etc. and promote respect towards the collected chaos . ‘One of the best Bharat programs in the India is in union with the Chitchatting. Essay Competition at the School Level, debate party Ajar Project Work Activity What Matrix

contention - Folklore, Art, Picture Planning as well as Bharat Tar and Jita Thanar

Living expenses to the give impulse prizes to students

IT Unity Pledge, Culture, Rituals, Admission, Agriculture, Cut on the O and the Conferencing, Water Conservation in the Students or English for the exertion of this program.

beneficial strife- myths , Art, Planning This Year,

Students learn important facts about the Harridan Rio and other important and interesting Book an information booklet to provide information and come to the student. In which the diversity of the Gujarat and chatter state should come to the dying. For students to the sketch a jet cover various activities of “One India Best India”

earthly , cultural, protective affairs, language / dialect, dress,Custom, essay rivalry , drawing stiff , full work on full rate why, cultural

Program, survey, folklore, various puck, e, bluff, many like Rs

So that the increase was both from which the Hathaway .FAT to concert with Sir Rajya Katha and organize a conference on school-to-school status, to have a dialogue / discussion with the students in front of the girls stick to the forest in this regard. The exit could not be orderly by the students in the such a way that various activities and invent matters could be organized by the students in one of the best India. Gailite Anur from the government to the carry out the activities of ‘One India Best India’.
this school, under this program, all the States and Union Territories have been paired, intended to enhance realize and relationship between the States and Union holding through trade of the polish , ritual and systems, so as to promote unity in India's diversity. The spirit can be bolster . The state of Gujarat has been twined with the state of Chitchatting for the year 2021-21 under 'One India Best India'. That is why different activities were direct in our school with the aim of the making the students of our school "familiar with the history, geography, culture, environment, language, dress, cultural heritage, etc. of the state of the chatter ." The noble aim of the which is to make the children know and understand the different aspects of the cultural, literary, northerly , historical, social etc. of the different states of the country and to dress respect for the each other's children. The relate is made.

There are 20/2 nuts of the travel per student, out of te which the student has to spend on prizes, incentives / proof, activity materials, equipment, information, trilogy, posts and so on.

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Std. 6th to 8th Commissar I need other son and to spend in this regard to meet the details and cater black level as per the need.

Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat Aheval

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