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Sunday, 14 November 2021

IPO: Can't get shares despite repeated attempts? Follow these tips to double the chances of getting a share

IPO Investment Tips: Investors have made good money this season in the IPO market.  If we look at the IPO market of the year 2021, many new stocks are being listed which have given double or triple returns.

 Due to the continuous bullish environment, every IPO coming in the market is getting tremendous response.  Some IPOs have been subscribed multiple times.

Many people do not feel well even after investing money due to very high bids.  They are unable to acquire shares.

 Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of getting shares.  This information is taken from the websites of various brokerage houses.

 Multiple application with one name
 Do not apply more than once with the same name.  An IPO can be applied only once with a PAN number.  Multiple requests with the same PAN will be considered invalid.

 Application in the name of family member
 This is a good idea.  If the IPO looks good, you can apply in your name, in the name of your spouse, in the name of your adult child and in the name of your mother or father.  This increases the likelihood of allocation as there are different page numbers.  This attempt will not be considered a multiple application.

 Mathematics of lower and upper price bands
 Always invest money in upper price band in IPO.  Suppose the price band of the issue is Rs 445 to Rs 554.  If you bet on Rs 445 and the discovered price is 554, your application will be rejected.

 Buy more flour
 Generally, the minimum lot is up to Rs 15,000 and the maximum is up to Rs 2 lakh.  Buy it if you can afford more flour.  This increases the likelihood of allotment of shares.

 Subscribe to IPO soon
 IPOs are usually open for 3 days.  Try to put money in it the first or the next day.  Don't wait until the last day to subscribe.

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