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Monday, 18 October 2021

This RBI rule will return the money transferred to the wrong account

This RBI rule will return the money transferred to the wrong account

RBI has introduced a special rule regarding online banking

 Rupees transferred to the wrong account will be refunded

 Customers must do this immediately

 Many people nowadays use online transfer to make their work easier.  It also happens many times at this time that due to a small mistake your money is transferred to the wrong account and you lose.

This is also possible in the case of banking fraud.  If you deposit money in the wrong account at any time, you can get it back.  But for that you have to follow the rules of RBI.  Learn what to do.


 Inform the bank immediately
 As soon as you realize that you have mistakenly sent money to the wrong account, report it to the bank immediately.  Call the customer service channel and report your problem.  If the bank provides information via email, provide information on the incorrect transaction.  Keep notes of the date and time of the transaction, as well as your account number and the bank to which the funds were wrongly transferred.

 If transferred to your bank

 If you have transferred rupee to wrong bank then if there is wrong account number or wrong IFSC code then rupee will be credited to your account automatically.  If this does not happen you go to your bank branch and meet the branch manager.  Report false transactions.  Prove where the rupee has gone.  If there is a wrong transaction in any of the bank branches, this will be credited to your account soon.


 What happens if transferred to another branch
 If the rupee has been transferred to another bank account by mistake or inadvertently, it may take time to recover it.  The bank takes 2 months to resolve these issues.  You can know which bank branch in which city and to which account the rupee has been transferred.  You can contact that branch and at the same time personally tell the person that if the rupee has been transferred to his account by mistake, he will return it.

 You can also go to court
 You can also go to court to get your money back if your work is not done with the help of a bank.  If the other person refuses to return the money to you, you can apply for it.  However, if the rupee is not resolved, you can take the help of the Reserve Bank's rule.

 What is RBI rule?

 All you have to do is send a message on your mobile and mail to transfer money from one bank account to another.  It says that if the transaction is wrong, message this phone number.  The RBI has directed the bank to immediately inform the bank if the rupee has been misappropriated from anyone and they will take action.

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