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Tuesday, 12 October 2021


Per, District Education Officer, All District Primary Education Officers, All Govt. Officers, All Secretaries Subject: Matter of conducting periodic test for students of Std.  Reference: (1) Correspondence No .: GCERT CNDI 20304-203 Dt.  01/02/2040 (2) Correspondence No .: GCERT C&E 2020/2 - Watch Date.  6/02/2050 (2) Dt.  Respect to the branch note dated 8-

102021.  Pursuant to the approval of the Director.  Sir, for the purpose of assessment according to the above subject and context, periodic assessment tests were conducted in September 2021 in primary schools, environment and Gujarati in Std. 6 and 7 in every medium, Hindi and Gujarati in Std. 5 and Gujarati, Mathematics and Hindi in Std.  Will be. 

 You are requested to take further action from your level in view of the following matters regarding the test to be taken as per routine in October 2021.  
In the month of October, tests in social science and Sanskrit subject will be organized in standard 6 to 8.  - The above periodic evaluation tests dt.  It is to be held during 9/106061 and 28/10/2071.  * Std. 6 to 8 tests will have to be taken on the day students come to school during the above date, students who are not coming to school at all will have to take the tests at home.  .

  - Tests of all mediums will also be made available on CERT website on 9/10/2071.  Apart from this Gujarati medium tests which can also be obtained from the QR Code on the textbook index of that subject.  આશ The intention of taking the test is to know the progress of the student. It is desirable that the test comes in a fear free and stress free environment.  * Tests will be prepared keeping in view the learning outcome.  

The syllabus of the test is as follows.  No.  'Chapter Number' would be 1 Girati CNE, 2021 / 2-21 Songrejo and Toi Praja in Gujarat www.  NISHTHAN CHACK-1, NEW PAR RAM R MAN (79) 2355803 DIRECTOR (079) 2325808 SANDHIY = 1079) 23756ARA 1: (079) 23256412 BED TEMPERATURE Web 11/10/2021 i .. STANDARD 6 SOCIAL  Science 1, 9, 2 Sanskrit so4 Standard Subject Standard-1 Social Science 1, 10, 2 Sanskrit 1 to 4 Social Science Jai Swana - Principal, District Education and Training Bhavan, all.  1,9,2 Sanskrit Chapter Number Note: In other medium, in Dhauran-2, according to the old syllabus, the test of social science (Chapters-1 to 2) will be taken.  1 to 4 Page 1 of 2 Secretary GCERT Gandhinagar Copy courtesy.  Secretary of Education (Primary and Secondary), Department of Education, New Secretariat, Gandhinagar.  Hon., SPD Shri.  S.S.A.  Office, Gandhinagar.  * Hon'ble, Director of Primary Education Office of the Director of Primary Education, Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar * Convener, Command and Control Center, Gandhinagar

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