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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

How to know your kundli and matching online

How to know your kundli and matching online

Get Detailed Kundli, Kundali , Kundali Milan, Marriage Matching, Today Rashifal!

Kundli in Hindi is Clickastro’s newest mobile app for Free Horoscope generation in Hindi. It prepares your full horoscope in Hindi and provides you with valuable predictions, remedies & guidelines. Your Kundli or horoscope contains the details about the planetary positions with respect to the date, time and place of your birth. Clickastro's Kundli in Hindi app generates your Vedic Horoscope based on your birth details and decodes it to give information on your unique character, traits and course of life. Do not wait to download this free Janam Kundali app to get predictions on your personality, character, career, marriage, family life, wealth, health etc.

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Vedic Astrology studies the relative positions of planets and their influences on life. The unique planetary positions at the time of birth of an individual as captured by the horoscope can tell how the Universe has designed his/her destiny. A precise analysis of the horoscope or janma kundali will give accurate predictions on your character, mindset and flow of life. The Kundli in Hindi app interprets your horoscope in Hindi to let you know all its details & definitions. Apart from the basic horoscope data such as personality, character & family status, this comprehensive app can give predictions on all aspects of your life. It lets you know the possible ups & downs in your life and gives you valuable remedies and guidelines.

Your Personalised Kundli and Horoscope App in English and Hindi.

How to know your kundli and matching online

You can generate your Kundali which is also called Birth Chart, Natal Chart or Vedic Horoscope. 

You can also get Horoscope Matching, Horoscope, Rashifal, Hindu Calendar (Panchang) & much more

Kundli and Free Horoscope app is an ultimate app on Vedic Astrology created using accurate and ancient Vedic Astrological techniques and methods.

Features :-

● Horoscope - Get your daily Horoscope for all Zodiac signs, starting from Aries daily rashifal to daily Pisces horoscope.

● Festivals, Vrat & Upvaas - Find the dates for festivals and get Tithi for vrat and upvaas according to Hindu calendar for all year.

● Panchang - Check daily Panchang on this Indian astrology and horoscope app, to find the tithi, nakshatra, yoga, karana and vaar, based on precise calculations.

● Muhurat - Schedule important tasks and auspicious events after consulting the Choghadiya, Gauri Panchang, Shubh Hora and Rahu Kaal for that day.

● Kundali - Get your Janam Kundali, also known Birth Chart or Natal Chart, on the basis of Date of birth, Place of birth and time of birth.

● Kundali Matching - Free Kundali Matching for marriage.

Basic features & traits
The Kundli in Hindi app tells about your physique, mindset and temperament from the basic horoscope information viz. birth star, rasi&lagna predictions, starlord, rashi lord, lagna lord, ganam etc.

Predictions on various aspects of your life
The 12 Bhavas/houses in the janam kundli tell about the various aspects of life. We analyse bhavas to give predictions on personality, family, education, career, marriage, health, wealth etc.

How to know your kundli and matching online

Get Free Kundali Milan or Gun Milan App for yours successful married life.

The bond between two people plays a Vital role when the highly

 relation of marriage takes place. Kundli matching is Vedic

 compatibility analysis of a couple. From uncertainty to finding out the equation of a couple, 

matching kundli assures that a married life is happy, 

healthy and blissful

This kundali matching app for marriage based on Vedic astrology. Kundali Match is built on Ashtakuta method. In Ashtakuta Kundali milan, eight different personality characteristics of the couple are compared and assigned certain points based on compatibility match. The final result depends on the summation of points assigned to all personality aspects.

Kundli Milan score between the bride and groom. The best online free astrology Kundli Gun Milan used by professional astrologers all over the world. Check compatibility with prospects for Marriage with free Kundali Matching or Kundali Milan.

How to know your kundli and matching online

Kundali matching or Kundli milan is the vedic astrology equivalent of horoscope matching for marriage. Free gun ( kundli milan ) milan Form. After filling rasi and nakshtra of bride and groom, I recommend you to read details of 8 type milan.

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Its very common in hindu traditions to follow horoscope prediction in order to check the Hindu astrology benefits of the pair before getting married. This Horoscope Matching app help you to do the same. If there is any obstacles in their horoscope, they do necessary prayers, poojas and offerings to get rid of obstacles.

To lead a happy married life, it is very crucial to check vivah matching / astrology comparability for both bride and groom. This Marriage Matching app help you with that.

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