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Sunday, 17 October 2021

How to build customer trust and loyalty

How to build customer trust and loyalty

Get New Customers and Reward Existing Customers to get Repete Business

Let's Stop Worrying about Low Customer Footfall and start building Sustainable growing businesses using the Customer Retention Tool

Customer retention is the collection of activities a business uses to increase the number of repeat customers and to increase the profitability of each existing customer.

How to build customer trust and loyalty


• Having customer data keeps you ahead of your competition. 
• A customer retention program is the 1st step when the merchant is planning to sell online. 
• It is no longer enough to sell products and services. Today, successful businesses engage their customers on both intellectual and emotional levels. The reason being Customer Retention is the key.
• Our customers have seen over 50% increase in revenue in 2nd year of using this product
• If you don't want to lose your business to e-commerce and organized retail


• A Hassle-free registration with just a customer mobile number to enroll 
• Customers earn and redeem points based on their purchases
• OTP on a registered mobile number ensures secure point redemption to the customers
• Instant communication notifications to customers on earning and redeeming points
• Complete overview of customers and business performance on the dashboard
• Send personalized messages on birthdays/ anniversaries/ events and many more
• Send cross-sell coupons to your customers on their birthdays
• Get feedback from your customers for their experience, insights to help you make decisions
• Generate dynamic QR and get reviews on google business, Facebook, Insta & other
• Generate Digital card and mini-website, get on customer's phone
• Configure Email Campaigns for customers
• Identify source of new customers 
• Offer cash-back to customers to save on discounts due to customer bargaining 
• This program is User-friendly, very easy to configure and to use
• Enables multiple user hierarchy to manage stores

How to build customer trust and loyalty


• Best fit features crafted to fit your size and your category of business with years of research
• At half the cost to any other program
• Proven results for real merchants
• We provide an entire package of Program, Retail outlet POPs, Support and Push to use the program, Techniques to gain & retain customers which no other provides apart from the software (Our Industry expert suggest & guide you ways as a consultant for better Customer Lifecycle Journey)

Reward Stamp App - A Loyalty program app that helps businesses reward customers

Your Own Customer Reward App/Loyalty App: Retain MORE customers and Generate GUARANTEED revenue.

We help small businesses to grow QUICKLY and CONSISTENTLY.

Choose a pricing plan that's right for your business from Basic, Advance, and Premium

This loyalty program app is designed to help businesses to INCREASE revenue. It helps to keep MORE customers and helps GAIN new customers.

The Reward Stamp App is TRIED and TESTED by thousands of businesses worldwide.

It is QUICK and EASY to set up. Download and Register your business to start using it.

You can issue a digital reward stamp card (aka digital loyalty stamp card) to your customers. If a customer doesn't have the Reward Cards App to receive a digital card then create a customer record with their mobile number or email or some unique customer identification number.


Digital Reward Card with QR code - No paper or plastic card - Reduce carbon footprint and save the planet

Issue Stamps (Digital Stamp Card ) or Points 

Messages - Promotional, Transactional - Notifications, SMSs, Emails


Offers - Reward Offers, Redeem Offers, Sign up Offers, Referral Offers, Promotional Offers


Business Promotions

Social Media

White-labeled app


Customer Analytics

|| Your complete marketing solution for your customer reward program ||

Your branded loyalty program.

Digital Reward Card (aka digital loyalty card) with QR code

Connect with your customers

Automated customer loyalty

|| Design reward card with your business name and branding ||

Issue stamps or Points

Design your branded reward card

Automatically point calculation from the invoice amount

Convert Point into the coupon

|| Publish offers directly to your customers ||

Offers which is directly published to the customer

Publish Unlimited offers

No extra payment to publish offers

Direct communication

|| Issue cash coupons or convert points into cash coupons ||

Convert Point into the coupon

Issue cash coupon directly 

Setup coupon expiry 

|| Hassle-free and smart message automation ||

Send automated messages

Messages on a birthday or anniversary

Message on purchase, reward, redeem, etc

Reminder Messages for nonvisitors

How to build customer trust and loyalty

|| Measure effectiveness of your reward program and increase your revenue ||

Measure customer loyalty metrics

Analyse customer spending patterns and visit patterns

Analyse your business health and improve it

See how your offers are performing

Full customer data analytics (aka Insight Analysis)

Optimise your business to increase profit

|| Omnichannel customer communication ||

Send push notification to mobile phones

Send SMS/Text

Send email messages

Run Campaign for customer segments

Chat directly with your customer

|| Your own mobile application - publish business information - social media exposure - and much more ||

White-labeled app

Publish information about your business

Link your social media pages

Data Import/Export

For any business to be successful, there is a need for returning customers. This app is designed to help you keep track of your frequently visiting customers. It gives you the freedom to spot your loyal customers, track the frequency of their visits and predict when they will visit you next.

With the Reward Stamp App, you can stay ahead of your competition.

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