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Friday, 8 October 2021

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps

Get real-time traffic, directions, search and find places

Google Maps Go is the lightweight Progressive Web App variation of the original Google Maps app, now with navigation support!

This version requires Chrome (if you do not wish to install Chrome, please use in your browser instead).

Taking up 100 times less space on your device than the full Google Maps app, Google Maps Go is designed to run smoothly on devices with limited memory and on unreliable networks without compromising speed to provide your location, real-time traffic updates, directions, and train, bus, and city transit information. You can even search and find information about millions of places, such as phone numbers and addresses.
• Find the fastest route combining two-wheelers, metro, buses, taxi, walking and ferries
• Ride the metro, bus or train with live city public transport schedules
• Navigate your car or two-wheeler with Navigation for Google Maps Go (
• Step-by-step directions with route preview, helping you plan your trips ahead of time
• Get there faster with real-time traffic information and traffic maps

• Discover and explore new places
• Search and find local restaurants, businesses, and other nearby places
• Decide on the best places to go by reading customer reviews, and viewing pictures of food
• Find the phone number and address to a place
• Save places you want to or visit often, and quickly find them later from your mobile

• Available in 70+ languages
• Comprehensive, accurate maps (including satellite and terrain) in 200 countries and territories
• Public transport information for over 20,000 cities
• Detailed business information for over 100 million places

Become a beta tester:

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps

No need to open website ! List your Business & Manage and Engage with customers.

My business is a local business centric B2B trade platform, designed specifically for small & medium local businesses in India. Through which wholesalers, distributor and retailers can connected with each other. 

As well as replace your old bahi khata register with the new my business credit manager (udhar khata) App and never forget any udhar, And add your customers, Record your transactions, Send Payment Reminders and Receive Payments.

If you need to keep track of your stock or any kind of items - so my business is a store management & Inventory management system for Small & Medium business. With my business Stores can list all their product and add their daily sales.

My Business can transform your existing offline market into a fully digital and online business.

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps
* 100% Free, Safe and Secure
*List your Business .
*Manage it.
*Connect with Your customers.
*Manage Inventory
*Manage Credit Account (Khata book)
*Manage customers.
*Manage employee.
*Find nearby Wholesaler
*Chat(Message) with wholesaler 
*Share Link, SMS, and Notification to WhatsApp

It's a app for manage your business. Engage with customers around you. 

it's a new way to manage your business from anywhere anytime from your mobile.

We care about your privacy data so feel free to use our tools and service.
we grow your business faster than you think.

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