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Thursday, 14 October 2021



Build success stories by the making study easy, gripping, enjoyable and single.

Welcome to Home Revise Education. We are the  India’s most preferred digital learning platform!
We provide holistic learning to our students by making their syllabus more gripping, easy and fun. Our convenient content and personalized learning is developed to assist our students to improvise their academic performance. Download and avail the  free trial of the Home Revise now!
available to shield you and your business from the possible risk. 

They can update their knowledge by the getting the current answers of their wrong answers.

Home Revise focused approach has regularly  helped our students over the years, across the State Board (Maharashtra), ICSE and CBSE Boards. This platform always offers NCERT based solutions from the  Grade 1-12. Moreover, the App always offers live doubt solving, access to the content and purpose based tests after every chapter.  The content is the  developed to enable the multi-sensory approach for visualizing, understanding and boosting their learning abilities.Moreover, the focus is always is clarify the complex words and decoding the meanings with the examples for a better and complete conceptual understanding.

Benefits for the students 
Fully mapped textbook content that helps in clarify learning for the our students, finally they learn and fire curiosity

Easy user  interface that enables out students to navigate and access the content anytime and anywhere

Best in  the class brisk content that clarify the learning process

Objective based tests after every chapter prepares our students for the driving review

Charged-service button to get pay-per-use, Alarm button to line notifications and alarms and to see the list of them, and Setting button to line activity.

The DIKSHA platform offers teachers, students and parents alluring learning material relevant to the direct school subjects. Teachers have access to the aids like the lesson plans, worksheets and activities, to create enjoyable classroom event. Students understand concepts, revise lessons and do practice action. Parents can follow classroom task and clear doubts outside school hours.

App highlights
• Explore conjoint material created by teachers and the best Indian content creators for teachers and students in the India. By India, for India!
• Scan QR codes from the textbooks and find extra learning material linked with the topic
• Store and share content offline, even without Internet affinity
• Find lessons and worksheets relevant to what is the taught in the school classroom
• Experience the app in the  English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu with extra Indian languages coming soon!
• Supports many content formats like Video, PDF, HTML, ePub, H5P, Quizzes - and more formats coming soon! 

Advantages for teachers
• Find interactive and elfin teaching material to make the your class interesting
• See and share best practices with the other teachers to explain difficult concepts to students
• Join courses to other your expert development and earn badges and proof on completion
• View your teaching history across your career  a school teacher
• Receive official report from the state sector 
• Conduct digital rating to the  check your students’ know of the topic that you have taught

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