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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Government announces ad hoc bonus for central personnel

Central paramilitary personnel and personnel will be covered Diwali gift: Government announces ad hoc bonus for central personnel Agency> New Delhi The average annual meeting to be done will be divided by 20.5 (average day of the month).  It will then be multiplied by the days of the bonus payment.  

According to the memorandum, the government has sanctioned a non-productivity linked or ad hoc bonus for the financial year 2020-21, giving a large gift to central employees before Diwali, amounting to a 50-day ad-hoc bonus based on a monthly ceiling of Rs 5,000.  
The revenue department of the finance ministry said the bonus would also be available to Central paramilitary personnel and personnel.  Those who are in service on March 31, 2021 and have worked for at least six consecutive months in FY 2021 will get an ad hoc bonus.  All non-gazetted employees of Group C as well as Group B of the Central Government who are not covered under any type of Productivity-Linked Bonus Scheme will get the benefit of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (Ad Hawk Bonus).

  The calculated maximum for payment of this bonus will be Rs 5,000 per month.  The one-day ad hoc bonus counts, the revenue department said.  The government's list also clarifies that out of the employees who resigned before March 31, 2021, retired or died, only those who retired on medical grounds or died before March 31, 2021 will be given bonus.  However, he must have worked at least six months a year.

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