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Thursday, 14 October 2021


Government of Gujarat, Finance Department, Resolution No .: Taj: 10-2017-7-Z, Secretariat, Gandhinagar for early payment of pension for the month of 1/2 October-2021.  Date: 15/10/2071 Reading: (1) Resolution No. of T.V.  Resolution No. 12: TJR / 108/4/6 Resolution: From the above resolution dated 19/10/18, orders have been made to pay the salaries of government employees during the first three working days of the month after which the salary allowance is payable as per the staggering practice.  

This year's Diwali festival  The state government has decided to make early payment of salary allowance and pension for the month of October 2021, keeping in view the fact that the employees and pensioners can celebrate this festival with joy and enthusiasm on 9/11/2021. 

 As per the above decision, payment of salary allowance / pension of government employees / pensioners of the state government for the month of October 2021 as stated in the resolution dated 19/10/21, instead of the first three working days of the month,  By making concessions in the resolution of 30/7/21.  9/10/2021 and dt.  It is therefore decided to do it in phases during 9/10/2021.  This resolution will also apply to the academic as well as non-academic employees of the subsidized educational institutions, the employees of the Panchayat service and the employees appointed on contract basis.

  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name, Phech (Dipal Hadial) Deputy Secretary (Pension and Treasury) from the Finance Department, Hon.  Front Secretary to the Governor, Raj Bhavan, Gandhinagar.  • Respect.  Front Secretary to the Chief Minister, Office of the Chief Minister, Secretariat, Gandhinagar, • Personal Secretary to the Hon'ble Minister (Finance), Office of the Minister (Finance), Secretariat, Gandhinagar :::

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