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Friday, 15 October 2021

BIG NEWS / Relief given by Gujarat government to employees working on contract basis, this big decision was taken

An important decision for a contract employee in the state
 Fixed salary contract based employees can be replaced
 May be changed depending on the deputation of the employee
 A big decision has been taken by the Gujarat government for contract employees. Fixed salary contract employees can now be replaced.

 The government has given a big relief to the contract workers on the day of Dussehra when they have been demanding replacement of the contract workers for a long time.  Now even these employees with fixed salary will be able to avail the benefit of transfer. Importantly, as per the circular of 2015, there was no provision for transfer.  It has been decided that the replacement can now be done on the basis of deputation of the employee.

 How can a contract employee apply for a transfer?

 According to the new circular, women who have served for one year will be eligible for transfer

 A male employee who has served for two years will be eligible for transfer

 The employee will also be able to apply for a replacement

 This decision of the government will be of great benefit to the thousands of contract workers who will now have space at the place of their choice and near home and can be transferred if they are eligible for transfer as per government norms.

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