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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Simple Mortgage Calculator

This easy and simple to use mortgage calculator can be used to estimate monthly mortgage payments.

Over 50 Features including :

> Calculate repayment for different payment plans such as monthly, weekly, accelerated Biweekly etc.
> Additional payment plans (monthly, semi-annual, annual or one time).
> Additional payments interest savings and amortization savings. 
> Monthly operational cost such as homeowners insurance, utilities, PMI, HOA etc.
> For Canada, most Land transfer tax estimate your first time home buyers rebate.
> Fixed and Variable interest setting for Canadian mortgage calculation.
> Canadian CMHC mortgage insurance estimates and USA PMI estimates, Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM).
> Closing costs estimates such as lawyers fee, appraisals etc
> Reverse calculate principal, interest rate, amortization years.
> Various amortization schedule tables (yearly, periodic and full)
> Graphs and charts 
> 12 different scenarios based on default
> Compare different mortgage scenarios.
> Create multiple mortgages save load delete mortgage profiles.
> Export using CVS & Generate pdf report.
> Multiple currencies.
> Summary table for mortgage calculations, prepayment savings, total monthly cost, etc.
Financial Analysis Module:
> Simple Rental Investment property financial analysis.
> Calculates most common ratios such as cash-on-cash, DCR, cap rate and more.

Just enter the value of the property, down payment (deposit) amount, interest rate, amortization period and instantly get an estimate of the monthly payment amount. 
Add more information, such as monthly extra payments see how much you can save in the interest cost and become mortgage free sooner. Are you on a biweekly paycheck? Then put some or all of the 3rd extra payment in the semi-annual prepayment and check out the interest saving.

Keep adding more information such as property taxes, PMI, homeowners insurance, utility cost, homeowners association (HOA) cost to get a complete picture of the total cost of owning a home.

Learn about the fundamentals of analyzing an investment property. Use the Financial analysis module to estimate the financials of a rental property. Estimate most of the popular metrics such as ROI, Cash on Cash, IRR, NPV, Loan to Value, Breakeven ratio, cap rate, DCR. Analyze the deal over the life of the property.

NOTE: The financial analysis calculator does not take taxes into consideration. Cannot be used for commercial properties. real estate agents, 

Create multiple mortgage profiles for different scenarios and see the effect of interest increase, changing down payment amount, changing the frequency of payment and many others. Instantly compare different mortgage scenarios and make a wise decision that can save you thousands of dollars in home ownership cost.

Use Setting to customize the calculator such as country setting, decimal places, columns of tables, color theme, compounding frequency etc.

This calculator should be used for general calculations purposes only and not for making any financial decision. Please consult your financial institution or mortgage broker to get a complete picture of your Home buying process.

This app uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous app usage data which is used by us to improve the app and aid in the development process. You can turn it off in the setting section of the app.

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