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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

General Knowledge For Competitive Exam Preparation : List Of all country's Capitals, Currency and Language

General Knowledge For Competitive Exam Preparation : List Of all country's Capitals, Currency and Language

Learn World Countries info like Country Capitals Currency Flags and Play Quiz.

Country Capitals and Currency App provides the important information about the countries of the world.
This App contains Country info like Capitals, Currency, Flag, Population, Area, Language, Calling Code, Internet Domain, Continent.
Search for a Country using search bar.
Select Continent to see the countries belonging to the selected Continent.
Test your knowledge with three different quizzes.

With this App you can play three Quiz. Country Capital Quiz Country Currency Quiz
Country Flag Quiz

Learning Country Capitals and Currency can be fun and insightful.
Various Countries Capitals and Currency are frequently asked in various competitive exams.

કોયડા નો જવાબ:-

Learn World Nations information like Country Capitals Money Banners and Play Test. 

Nation Capitals and Cash Application gives the significant data about the nations of the world. 

This Application contains Country information like Capitals, Money, Banner, Populace, Region, Language, Calling Code, Web Area, Landmass. 

Quest for a Nation utilizing search bar. 

Select Mainland to see the nations having a place with the chose Landmass. 

Test your insight with three distinct tests. 

With this Application you can play three Test. Country Capital Test Country Money Test 

Nation Banner Test 

Learning Nation Capitals and Cash can be fun and keen. 

Different Nations Capitals and Cash are often asked in different serious tests.

Learn info and play game like quizzes on 193 members of the UN. Works offline.

The app contains a collection of country names with relevant information and trivia like continent, flag, capital, currency, language and map. Also includes English pronunciation.

Key features:-
*Open a country in the map and explore.
*Daily Country / Country Of The Day
*Widget For Your Convenience
*Minimalistic UI - Light And Dark Theme
*Customizable Quizzes With Reviews To Test Your Knowledge
*Learn About A Random Country
*Add To Favorites, Or Search For And Find A Particular Country

Useful app for people who want to learn and increase their knowledge about the vast world that is out there! Might also be helpful in preparation for certain tests and examinations.

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