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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

E-GR EXCEL FILE Very useful for school

E-GR EXCEL FILE Very useful for schoo

 Bonofied from GR number, birth certificate, banking account certificate, LC all will be ready just by entering GR number along with your school name 

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 👌  Student's i-card will also become automatic 

 ✅  The main feature of this register - which is an Excel file 

 👉🏻  Provide only school information such as school name, Aadhaar code, address, email etc. on the first page. 

 👉🏻 In the second page all the information of the students name, name of the guardian, date of birth etc. 

 👉🏻 Write the present days. Wise month. After full details, just enter the GR number. Full information will come soon.

 *Send to every teacher friend and principal friend 

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