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Thursday, 15 July 2021

can you make a single word of Guajarati start with ‘VU’?

Therefore, we can say that ‘Language is the system of sound signals used in the orthodox sense for the expression of feelings and thoughts’.

Each country has its own language. Our national language is Hindi. There are many languages ​​in the world. Such as Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, French, Chinese, German etc.
Type of language-

There are two types of language –

1. Oral language.
2. written language.

If the person sitting face to face talks or if a person expresses his thoughts through speech etc., then it is called oral form of language.
– When a person expresses his thoughts to a person sitting far away by letter or by writing in books and magazines, then it is called written form of language.

can you make a single word of Guajarati start with ‘VU’?

શું તમે “વુ” અક્ષર પરથી એક શબ્દ બનાવી શકશો?

જવાબ માટે નીચેનો વિડીયો જુઓ

• language:
The area where the man lives, has its own dialect. The person who lives there speaks and speaks to the other person in the same dialect and hears it. As the residents of Shekhawati (Jhunjhunu, Churu and Sikar) say and hear ‘Shekhawati’ in dialect. Similarly in ‘Hadauti’, residents of Kota and Bundi regions; In Mewati, a resident of the Alwar region; In ‘Khojhari’ resident of Jaipur region; Residents of Mewar speak their words in ‘Mewari’ and in ‘Marwari’, residents of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Nagaur regions and understand by listening to the other person.
Therefore, the form of language which is spoken in a limited area is called dialect. Language is made up of many dialects and similar things. There is a very deep relation between dialect and language.

The regional form of the language is called dialect. That is, the language spoken in different parts of the country is called dialect and the stationary literature in written form of any regional dialect is called the language there.


• Grammer :

Human can express his thoughts in oral and written language and has been doing this, but no definite and pure form of language can be stable. A definite scheme is required to determine the pure and permanent form of language and we call grammar as a grammatical scheme.
• definition
Grammar is the scripture through which the pure forms of words and sentences of any language and pure experiments are made clear.

• Relation of language and grammar

No human being can get complete knowledge of pure language without grammar. Therefore, language and grammar are closely related. Grammar determines the form of pronunciation, word usage, sentence formation and the use of meanings in the language.
• Department of grammar – four parts of grammar are defined –

1. Varna-thought – It describes the size, distinction, pronunciation, and method of mixing of the characters.
2. Word-thought – It describes the differences, forms, derivatives etc. of words.
3. Pada-thought – It describes the verse and its differences. 4. Sentence – In this, the distinction of sentences, method of making and separating sentences and punctuation are described.

• Script :
The method of writing of any language is called ‘script’. The script of Hindi and Sanskrit language is Devanagari. The English language script is ‘Roman’, the Urdu language script is Persian, and the Punjabi language script is Gurmukhi.
Devanagari script has the following characteristics:

(i) It is written from left to right.
(ii) Each character has the same shape. Such as a, y, a, d etc.
(iii) It is written according to pronunciation ie it is written as it is spoken.
• Literature :

Literature is the accumulated corpus of knowledge. Literature is the only evidence to keep any country, caste and class alive – its past forms. It explains the various aspects of human experience and generates a supernatural inexpressible joy in the hearts of readers and listeners.

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