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Sunday, 9 May 2021



Chatur Tenali Rama: “Unique Sari” - Manish Parekh One day a merchant woman from abroad came to the court of King Krishnadev Rai.  No one has ever seen his name green.  Besides who was the king.  She came to sell a unique sari for the king's queen Tirumala Devi and for each of the Rajapaksa people who give this garment as a gift to be with each other as husband and wife at birth, and will receive the happiness of Rajyag. 

 When he heard the words of the king's merchant Lila, all the people in the auditorium and the king and queen were astonished.  The king asked the king and the queen to show him the clothes.  She bowed to him and took the dress out of the drawer.  But what is this?  All I can see is someone from abroad, he had something in his hand and not for you. 

 The woman-trader was just acting as if she was holding a sari in her hand.  She was acting as if she was holding a sari in her hand.  Elsewhere in the world, she said, "This is a unique sari that has never been made and has never been made or seen anywhere.  Years of hard work to make this sari.  They all started asking each other, "Do you see, do you see?  "But no one could see anything.  

The merchant Lila asked the queen, "How did you like this sari, Empress?"  The queen also began to look guessively, but she also did not see anything.  Felt.  'A teacher who never teaches can never teach.  Balsrishti January, 2021 "8 One thing Lila said," I have one thing to say. "  And the sari appears. '' She loves her husband very much. I am confident that the king will give this sari to the queen. 

ડાંગ જિલ્લાની કામચલાઉ જિલ્લાફેર શ્રેયાન યાદી 202021

પોરબંદર જિલ્લાની કામચલાઉ જિલ્લાફેર શ્રેયાન યાદી 202021

પોરબંદર જિલ્લાની જિલ્લાફેરની ફાઇનલ સિનિયોરિટી યાદી 202021

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