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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

This way, download the driving license in the phone, avoid invoicing

This way, download the driving license in the phone, avoid invoicing

 You can keep your driving license in a smartphone.  You too can avoid getting a currency by showing a soft copy.  No need to keep a hard copy of the driving license.  You can keep it in a digital locker.  A soft copy of the driving license can be kept in Digilocker or MPrivahan app.  This proves to be very useful when you forget your driving license at home.  In that case, you can also avoid driving by showing a driving license from a smartphone.
 There is also no risk of getting lost or stolen due to having a driving license in the smartphone.  As per the government rule of 2018, if your driving license is in Digilocker or MPrivahan application, you do not need to have a physical card. Here are some steps to let you know that you can download your driving license in your phone.  You can also show it to the traffic police if necessary.

 Before proceeding, let us tell you that your account must be on Digilocker.  If your account is not on Digilocker, you can sign up for this with Aadhaar card.  For this, your phone number will also be required. After signing in to Digilocker, you will have to search for driving license in the search bar.  Here you have to select the state in which you got the driving license.  You can also select all states.

 Here you have to enter the driving license number.  Then click on the Get Document button.  Now you can download or view your driving license by going to the list of documents issued by Digilocker.  You can also use the mParivahan app instead of Digilocker.

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