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Friday, 19 March 2021


Even though life education is being given to the gurus - peers - students, it should be said with full humility and discretion that even a full foot under a round box of strong leaves will be followed.  Anilbhai also had some educational matters connected with the big chakra out of respect for Pune. 

 When Chuck was rotated by the handle, the clarity was his own original,] The same strip of PL3 from above was crushed between two reels, sometimes at first glance it seemed like a new training.  As they come and go, they go round and round in the box, but my relationship with them from birth to the end is arranged as they go up and down! 

 As soon as the box is full, it has become a coil that today I feel like saying that by saving and taking it out, in the special spin on the ab ૨ - in the tand, ‘Anilbhai was teaching - explaining - telling, arranging the new thread.  Such is also indicated in the training!  'Persistence in making Anand ice cream in Belani.  

The most favorite game, song, dance, Anilbhai brought all together to Anand again to teach this drama, travel, story, creation-activities etc. |  Talking about the incident and Anand's jealousy.  By creating excellent and effective mediums, Anilbhai was disbanded, 

Hamir brought sugar, hopeless milk experiments without hesitation, very high level.  Bring.  Project completely failed!  The reasons for the failure are comparable.  The children's joys were examined in the same way.  Under the leadership of Anand, Sihor M has values ​​of life.  

Fun, merriment and creative flies were sent there as a whole to take scientific evidence-proof team creativity when it became productive.  The team came and started the project anew by reviewing the possible bugs that could solve the problems of mankind in the world.  

Contemplation about ice, education is born, salt, round-round, condensing of milk, etc. Understanding life with Akhanddarshan, contemplating oneself with the world - study-discussion-demonstration experiments took place again and again.  Unique pairing skills Ambala Pudi.

Home Learning 10/3/2021ના વિજેતા

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