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Friday, 19 March 2021

Recipes / Baked and Soft Bread To Make Bread Do This 1 Work, Learn Work Tips

Recipes / Baked and Soft Bread To Make Bread Do This 1 Work, Learn Work Tips
 Adequate amount of flour and water is required to make soft and fluffy bread.  With this, if you know the small tips, the bread will become puffy.
 Combine this way the proportions

 A cup of sifted flour
 Half a cup of milk
 Quarter cup water
 A teaspoon mouth
 Salt to taste

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 Build flour this way

 When making the flour, take it out in a plate.  Make a pit between them.  Add water, milk, mouth water and bring the flour from the shore.  Then mix it well and knead the flour.  Knead slowly while kneading the dough.  So that it will not stick to the hand.

 Check out these tips

 It should not stick to the hand while pressing the finger on the bound flour.
 It should be easily pressed with the finger.
 Mix flour and apply oil on it and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.
 Take the mash once again.  Now take the ataman and weave the bread.

 Bake this bread

 Before putting the bread on the griddle, take the extra ataman khankheri on it.
 Be careful not to wrap the bread in the pan.
 First heat the pan on fast gas and slow down the flame.  Which will not burn the bread.
 Turn the bread over after 30 seconds.
 Bake the bread on the gas.  Doing so will make the bread swell.

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