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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Matter of giving scanning table under first session diagnostic test - 2020-21.

Subject: Matter of giving scanning table under first session diagnostic test - 2020-21.  Reference: (1) On single file-2 of GCERT on 05/4/2011 Hon'ble Secretary Pvt.  And approval given by Hon'ble Education Department, (2) GCERT, Gandhinagar letter no.  According to the subject matter, the Hon'ble Secretary has instructed to give the scanning table as per the prescribed size and specification for the data entry of the marks obtained by the students as per the first session diagnostic test 2020-21.  

Pursuant to which, as per the instructions received from the reference-3, as per the approval received from the reference-3, a total of 2,8,8,50 scanning tables for the total 2,81,8 children enrolled in Std.  Grants will be allotted to all the districts of the state for the sheets at a cost of approximately Rs. 3.50 / - (fifty paise per digit) per scanning table sheet considering the enrollment number of Std. 6-7 of that district.  (Sample of scanning table sheet is attached herewith) Taking into consideration the above matter, the procedure to be given by GCERT, 
Gandhinagar for providing standard wise subject wise scanning table sheets to the children of your district as per the number mentioned in the attached sheet (sheet obtained from CCC).  Please carry out

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