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Saturday, 13 February 2021



Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan Study online study partner to prepare the ideal path to be present .. Subject - to be present to prepare the ideal lesson for the next academic work. Regarding the above subject, it is stated that in the academic year starting from 8th June, it is not possible to call students to schools for academic Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan  work due to the current Koro epidemic. Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan  So that for the educational work of the students of Std. 3 to 8 and Std. 5 of the state level through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra - content based video / Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan educational lessons for the students from 9 to 12.

 STD 3 TO 5 SEM 1


Maswar planning over traditional has many Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan  advantages: it is more collaborative, more visual and Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan  easier to use. Effective monthly planning can benefit parents, teachers and students. What is Maswar planning, how useful it is Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan 

                                           STD 6 TO 8 SEM 1

STD - 6         STD - 7        STD - 8

Maswar planning is also known Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan as annual planning. Annual planning Std. 1 to 8 helps to strengthen Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan the regular teaching schedule and keep Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan it in line with the long term annual plan. It helps you stay organized and plan lessons weeks in advance, Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan 

 STD 3 TO 5 SEM 2


meaning less stress and more time Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan  to provide more Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan support where needed. The annual planning Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan standard 1 to 8 also acts as a contingency against the Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan difficulties that occur throughout the year, i.e. teachers will be more prepared for what happens. Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan 

                           STD 6 TO 8 SEM 2

STD - 6         STD - 7        STD - 8

Over time, the circular GCERT has Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan  announced monthly educational planning for the academic year Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan 2020-21. It is necessary to 


follow this annual plan for educational Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan work in schools. Standard and subject wise syllabus planning has been sent from GCERT. Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan 

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