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Sunday, 24 January 2021



Arranging educational dissemination, C, M.D.  E.  Prepare the script in collaboration with the department and contact for broadcast.  5. Management of programs under service: - To conduct programs under service for teachers in the field of educational technology in collaboration with other departments.

  5.1 In this educational broadcast.  Television broadcast.  Develop a cassette library - maintain, and use it effectively.  A lot of work can be done with the interrelationship of another department.  When a teacher is doing teaching work, the helper of this department makes his slide, corresponds to the unit in the overhead project, drawing teacher draws, writes, etc. 

5,2 Development of simple, low cost educational tools: - such as - charts, maps, models,  Pictures, slides, audiotape, dialogue - play script, card, domain (educational game of a kind of card), samples can be prepared together with Kayanubhav School, 6. To conduct workshops for the above tasks by this department of the building with the help of other departments.  

Providing information related to educational equipment: Providing information related to the educational technology department in all program activities of the building.  Working together with other departments.  Undergraduate and in-service programs, training program for Khushalaya Education / Adult Education staff.  Conduct field interaction activities, content development work research etc. and provide technical assistance in programs.  

Summary: - The development and work of this department will bring innovation in education.  Students will get interesting education and the teacher will get a lot of help in his work.  This section of the building is slowly developing and there is still a lot of work to be done.  Teachers use everyday charts and handicrafts but do not use other country audio equipment due to lack of skill and knowledge or laziness. 


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