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Sunday, 20 December 2020

To involve the daughters of Std. 9 to 12 of all upper primary and secondary schools in "online self-defense training

Right to Education Gujarat School Education Council State Project Director's Office Mul Shina Mani The entire education for him is forwarded to Sector C-17, Gandhinagar-2018 (Gujarat State) Phone, t (o6) 324: Fax no.  : (02) ૨૩૨ 2, 303 p.  Bharti, (MyAS) Helpline no.  ૩ 1500 2-2 State Project Dire Cut ૨ & E - E - mail T Commissioner - Primary Education Web.  www.sagujaratore no.  A SamaisA / G.A.  / Late, / 2016) ૨૫ Tir ૬ 93 993 to 2040 per, (1) District Education Officer, District Education Officer's Office, District ઃ All (3) District Project Co.  Coordinator and District Primary Education Officer, Overall Education, District Education Committee, District ઃ All (2) AD.  District Project Co.  Coordinator and Govt. Officer, Nagar Primary Education Committee, Municipal Corporation: Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara Subject: To involve the daughters of Std. 9 to 12 of all upper primary and secondary schools in "online self-defense training".  Various efforts are being made by the education department for the education of students as schools have been closed due to the Kovid-12 epidemic.  No. Self-defense training, being largely physical, has an impact on the health of the daughters and enhances their immunity. The entire education, including online education, is being conducted by the entire Shiksha, Gandhinagar.  Self-Defense Training Course "has been prepared.  Which will be started from December 6, 2020.  Sadar Training Std.  - In order to be available to all the daughters from 9 to 12, it is requested to inform the relatives from your level to make the following arrangements.  કો This course has 2 (twenty four) parts.  Which will be uploaded during 8 (eight) weeks.  It will be from December 6, 2020 to February 7, 2021.  According to the time sheet attached with this, three parts of the online course will be uploaded on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week from 6.12.2030.  લી Training link Std.  - To plan to get all the daughters from 9 to 12 on time.  બનાવવા To make any one teacher from each school the nodal teacher of training and to give all the responsibilities related to training to that teacher.  મુજબ With the help of other teachers as per the instruction given by the nodal teacher in the video, the girls have to fill up the self declaration form.  Since the school's dice code has to be entered, it is possible to know which school's maximum number of daughters are involved during the monitoring.  

      It will be the responsibility of the school to ensure that all the daughters of the school complete the online training.  This course can be connected through DIKSHA boxtail.  ૩ 3 (three) requests in a week will be uploaded on KSHA IPortal, કો You can go to the course by clicking on the link given below and QR Code.  (1) ayat 24 d: (2) Link to join the course: https: // dikhlia course / course / do_31317303311618048012176 U322EB How to register by opening the link.  You can watch a video on how more than one user can join as well as how to fill out a self declaration form.  So that it is easy to register and join the training.  Register before joining the training.  Registration can be done by mobile number / e-mail.  Watch the second part only after watching the first part. Thus, you have to watch all the parts one by one.  So that the quality of training is maintained.  The course progress bar will keep changing during the training.  After seeing all the 5 demands, the daughters who have completed the course will get the EKertificate only from DIKSHA Portal.  There are certain techniques of self-defense training in which the requirement of two persons is mandatory.  Therefore, any daughter can train and practice at home with her sister, brother, mom, dad, sister as a partner.  દરમિયાન During training, if possible, the daughters should wear tracksuits and t-shirts or pajamas to facilitate exercise.  Training should be taken before or 2 to 3 hours after a meal.  Everyone from 5 years to 20 years will be able to take this training.  According to the data obtained from DIKSHA Portal, the training will be monitored at the state level.  So that maximum number of daughters (target girls according to the dias of daughters of each district) will be involved in the training.  .  (P. Bharti) Enclosure: Time - Copy of Form Report and Proceedings: - Assistant District Co.  O.  - Girls Education, Overall Education, District Education Committee, District and Corporation are all good drinkers' meat on wa |  ww Wal e ags Bll Kamak

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