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Friday, 4 December 2020

School Achievement Program

Right to Education District Project Office, District Kutch Namak Shiksha Q.  Nawa Na Mara Par Rasta, Padma Lai Dan Takta Ji Namo Pin Kshe 91 Jaan Nu Karo Re Re, Rammata / ૬ {1} // 9 / Subject School Achievement Program  J did.E / Cell, 1/2010/2 ૮૮ 2-2 ||  , R / R O / R In the above subject and in the context of the envelope stating that in the Government and Granted The Religious Schools of the State as per the guidelines of IEDA, it was decided to conduct school self-assessment in these schools. 
 The work of self-assessment for the year 2017-80 will be done after 30th November 2020 so that the schools in your taluka which have left self-assessment work to be completed will have to complete the self-assessment work compulsorily by 30th November 2020.  After self-assessment in the schools under the school achievement program, the process of external value assessment has to be done in the third / 1) 2 (part of the schools.)  Grants will be allotted to all the schools from the district level for this work. Considering the above matters, as per the guidelines given by next 30th December 2020, in other 1) 3 part secondary schools (to complete the external evaluation work, it is stated District Education Officer Kutch -  Bhuj Nakal Savinay Ravana: Man State Project Director Shri, Samagra Shiksha Gandhinagar Man State OIC QEM, Samagra Shiksha Gandhinagar Nakla Ravana Reporting and Proceedings  Kutch - Taluka Primary Education Officer, All Districts Kutch

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