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Saturday, 5 December 2020

Correction of Electoral Rolls - 2020-21

Correction of Electoral Rolls - 2020 - Abadsa, 21 - Limbdi, 2 - Morbi, 2 - Dhari, 102 - Gadda (Aja) 18 - Karjan, 12 - Dang (Ajaja) and 121 - Kaprada (Ajaja) except Assembly constituencies.  Invaluable opportunity to register in Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy voter list except Ahmedabad city. What will you do to register, cancel, object to any name and correct name and other details in special campaign voter list on 7-11-2030 (Sunday)?  • Date.  Apply in Form-5 (Including proof of age and residence) to register the name of a citizen of 18 years or above on 1-01-2021, in which a color photograph of your passport size should be affixed at the designated place, so that your name is in front of your name in the electoral roll while entering the name.  Your photo may also come.  
If there is any objection against any name in the electoral roll, to apply for it or to have the name canceled from the electoral roll in Form-2.  Or to apply in Form-2 to correct one's name, photo and other details registered in the electoral roll, * To apply in Form-2 (a) for transfer of name from one part of the same Assembly constituency to another.  You can get the above sample free of cost from the Collectorate, Voter Registration Officer / Assistant Voter Registration Officer's Office, Province / Mamlatdar's Office as well as Booth Level Officer and fill up the form and submit it along with the required proofs.  Guzia zjzen vzel 90121182, de 42 You can also apply online.  You will be able to get this sample through booth level officer at the polling station of your area from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on the day of special campaign on 9-11-2030 (Sunday) and you will be able to return the filled applications at the same place on this day.  s How to verify the name in the electoral roll?  azell und 20121182, cell 43 chilo Toll free number 120 by calling during office hours Mobile through Election Commission's mobile application "VOTER HELPLINE"  ECI <SPACE> your voter ID card number by sending an SMS to number 1950, details of your voter list, as well as ECIcONTACT <SPACE> your voter ID card number by sending an SMS will know the details of the booth level officer in your area.  But if there is no name in the voter list, you will not be able to vote, so even if the voter has photo identity card, make sure that your name is in the voter list so that you do not have any difficulty in voting in the election on time.

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