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Friday, 11 December 2020


Government Rasdhana Dima |  Lokai, 2, Mamo Mal, Secretariat, Gandhinagar 310.  Con, - P33, AZV, R - P5P, Email ID: soks Letter No .: PRE / 1111 / EM- Ratak Date / V / 20 Copy  Mehta Bhavan, Block Sha.  Thar, Gandhinagar 13 Opposition to Papak Shivadon Unpaid Salary Standard Mulwapam Khan, Reference: (1) Letter No. of the Education Department dated 7/01/2011 No. 1 Sham / 102018/15 / A.  (4) Letter No. of the Education Department dated 17/6/2050: 01 Shcha / 102010/15/1, Bualia, stating on the above subject that, as on 31/01/201, the rules of Assistant Education Hingitak should be followed.  Circumcised, in view of the existing provisions of the rules for primary teachers of Tharabad State (in the case of higher pay), it seems that the required instruction under this department dated 2/3/8 Upanna Randalam (1) was not measured by foot. The subsequent date of Vimag is 15/04/7 a. 
 The implementation of the readings measured from 2/07/20 on the 5th date of the year (2) has been postponed by the department till the required policy standard is reached in the cam.  Accordingly, it has been decided to make necessary amendments in the applicable recruitment rules.  ૭ | (Duleep Na!) Shaidra's Denial  Nk: Prashini / K - Policy 2020/3 Yaj qu00 Office of the Director of Primary Education, Lok Ne.12 / 1 3. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, G.S. Gandhinagar Ta.  11/12/2020 Not to be discharged - 2 Jalla Primary Education Officer, never, all - Govt. Officer, all the instructions given from the letter dated 11/12/2020 of the Education Department should be informed and implemented well (Dr. M.I. Joshi)  G.R.  Gandhinagar

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