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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

You can now shop from WhatsApp, find out what features can be used to make a purchase

No / You can now shop from WhatsApp, find out what features can be used to make a purchase

 There are so many apps for shopping that we are often confused as to which app to shop with.  On the other hand, there are some people who do not know how to shop online.  So that's good news for people, now you can also shop from WhatsApp.
 Shopping can be done through WhatsApp

 Users will benefit from the new features

 Worldwide shopping button rolled out


 According to the information received, the WhatsApp shopping button has been rolled out all over the world, including India, on Tuesday and now it will be possible to make purchases through chat along with the appearance of the customer product.

 This work will be done in Ayodhya for the first time in the history of 5 years, it will create a grand atmosphere

 Mistake or negligence, a one crore building was built but no door was left for exit

 In the wake of the change of power in Bihar, the grand coalition won in most of the EXIT polls.

 Business account users will now be able to send their products to their customers in the catalog chat window and view and purchase via customer chat.

 This new feature will have a store front icon to the right of the business name.  There users will be able to learn about Catalog Discover and the service.  Previously users had to click on the business profile to discover the catalog.  Now this new button will help increase the visibility of the product and make your business incredibly easy.

 More than 175 million people message on the WhatsApp business account every day and 40 million people view the business catalog every month.  There are more than 3 million users in India.  According to the study, 76 per cent of Indians want to do business with a company with which they can easily communicate via message.

Source by VTV

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