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Wednesday, 25 November 2020


 District Primary Mikshanakiya 8%, Jadva Jo Kshan Kshmiti, All - Mama N BH P.  Normative education treaty, the matter of getting rid of all the poison from the camp system.  
On 20/11/2040 of REA - the above mentioned topic of the group given in Tivo Jonarnam and Madam will return:  } To cover 25 days of Pathwa taluka, 3) How to cape 2 Kana in my mind, the only way to do that is to teach me 1}  Arranging wise Wagha as the family enters the province. 2) Only Shaik of sisters in different fields should be allowed to eat Hanjar Vani in a representative order.  (6) Arrangements should be made as per Simithal Distinction.  }} The crop should be Rajasthan, for everyone.  A] How about enough sweets.  G) Ta.  Slow down on 16/11/1020, instead of completing 8-1 (if it takes more than a year?) Then follow the above instructions in a tangible way. Even if you are a wise man, even if you have a basic F.I.  .N Shapikarishri, Hash made instructions and did the opposite. Shaiga is at the heart of Atre's six hai.  Accordingly, it is better to ask for food and drink. If I have a crooked question in Java, I have a small responsibility under the Disaster Management Act of the Primary Education Officer of Mt. Jiba.  .  Minister Shri Shikshannu Kaghlda, Varnim Manku H-2, Sandhivalaya, Gandhinagar | | Pvt. Ltd. Primary and Secondary  Yamik Shikshan, Nal Sabrija Shreya, Gandhinagar Jame Bhalwa 2 5 |  MY (2) (1) Fundraising = 1

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