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Thursday, 26 November 2020

Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition 2020-21

Gandhinagar W g) Standard No. GCERT 5 @ Jah e / i672 -S Sankrat Educational Research and Training Council, Kavi Dabhavan ", Sector-12, # (02) ૨૩૨૫૬૮ ૩૯ Director: (05)  Short 818 Short: (2) 316 6-04: Director - geert 15 :: Date is 26-409. Per, Principal, District Education and Training Bhavan, all.  Subject: Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition 2020-21 
Compliments on the above subject to state that as per the instructions received from NCERT, New Delhi, Science and Mathematics Exhibition is to be organized this year as well.  Detailed guidance and planning for the preparation of models will be reported later. You will be informed about these topics and will take necessary action in all schools from your level. In Life Education and Secondary Teacher Test Issue, about these topics.  Detailed information will be provided on your DIET website so that everyone can be informed  How to plan.  Theme: - "Technology and Toys" Sub - themes: 1 Eco Friendly Material 2 Health, Hygiene and Cleanliness 3. Interactive Software 4. Historical Development 5 Mathematical Modeling (Note: Sub - themes listed above are suggestive. Students may also develop innovative models  on any other sub - theme, pertaining to the main theme. Technology and Toys).  Topic for one day seminar: "Implementation of Science and Technology in Daily Life" Secretary.  GCERT, Gandhinagar, Good to know about copying?  Director GCERT, Gandhinagar.  District Education Officer Shri District Primary Education Officer All (Request to give a copy of this letter to the concerned office.)

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