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Thursday, 12 November 2020


Kama K: Prashini / Niti, 2020 / K |  63rd - ૪ 343 Office of the Director of Primary Education, Dr.  Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Block No. 18/1, Gu.Ra.Gandhinagar, Dt. 16/11/2050.  Per, District Primary Education Officer, District Education Committee, All Governing Officers, Nagar Education Committee, All Subjects: - Primary Teacher / Educational Assistants - Matter of Conducting Transfer Camp, Reference: - 1, Resolution No .: PRE - 11-201217  - A, dated 3/06/2017.  .  SHV Resolution No .: PRE - 112018 - Tax 105P - A (Part-I), dated 07/01/207), 3. SHV Letter No .: PRE - 112018 - Single File-2  / K Dt.21 / 10/203).  .  Resolution No. of SV: PRE-112017/3210 / / (Part-1), dated 24/10/2010.  

Pursuant to the above subject, it is to be mentioned that from reference-3, it has been allowed to skip all the caps, including the Ba Ki Wadh Dhat of the academic year 2018-20.  According to the reference letter of the education department, the receivable establishment of the primary teachers under the district / town education committee of the state has been approved on the basis of the number of students as on 31/08/2018.  Based on the aforesaid approved establishment, transfers have to be made in the school as per the rules of primary teacher / education assistant under slaying.  The transfer rules of primary teachers have been decided by the relevant resolutions of the education department and revised resolutions from time to time.  Chapter- (b) As per the rule of transfer of aforesaid rules, change of fringe has to be done by camp method.  Considering the provisions of the aforesaid increase transfers, the remaining transfers for the year 2020-21 - Incident transfer camps from 9/11/2050 to date.  To be completed by 30/11/2050.  As per the teacher establishment approved as on 31/08/2020, in case of 31/08/2030, as per the clear vacancy, changes have to be made.  With the introduction of Reference-2 and Reference-2 of SV, a new provision has been made by amending Chapter-K.  These provisions will have to be implemented.  In some cases not properly interpreted during last year's massacre camp

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