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Tuesday, 17 November 2020


GCERT / Training / 2020-21 / 12-9 Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council, * Vidya Bhavana 'Sector-15, Gandhinagar Email:  Education Officer, Govt. Officer, All Subjects: Loyalty for Primary Teachers and Head Teachers Regarding Involvement of Teachers in Teacher Training References:  9/10/20 Sir, to state on the above subject that we are starting the second academic session in a new normal condition, Happy New Year to all .... 50% of all districts in 1 to 12 courses of Nistha on Diksha online training started from GCERT from 5th October.  Congratulations on connecting more than teachers.  
The above reference was directed to engage teachers in Nistha on Diksha online course.  Module no. Starting from 31/11/2050.  It is suggested that as many teachers as possible join in 12th to 12th and complete the Nishtha On Diksha online course successfully, intensively from your level.  egissai Director GCERT Gandhinagar Copy Dispatch (Information and Execution Good) Principal, District Education and Training Bhavan, All 67 Page

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